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Fixing To Fix “Fixed

By Ray McGovern

The Downing Street papers are proving a formidable challenge to the White House PR machine as it desperately tries—in often-ludicrous ways—to slow down a train that has already left the station. And interest continues to build. The leaked British documents are now on the top-ten list of Google queries.

One huge fly in the ointment for the administration was British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s early decision that it would be a fool’s errand to challenge the authenticity of the papers. Why? Because there is still a relatively free Fourth Estate in the U.K. together with patriotic whistleblowers willing to risk jail for exposing government dishonesty.

This has prevented the White House from labeling the documents spurious. And Michael Smith, the British journalist who was given them has now acknowledged that more than one such patriot has been involved.

Smoke Rather Than Denial

With Blair forced to acknowledge that the documents are authentic, the White House could hardly label them spurious. Smoke, rather than outright denial, had to be the chosen course.

Thus, many too-clever-by-half interpretations are now being offered for the eleven words with which the head of British intelligence, fresh back from Washington in July 2002, unwittingly gave the game away:

“But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.


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I agree that the argument over the word "fixed" is a bit silly. Especially because omission of the entire "fixed" sentence from the DSM would still leave you with a pretty damning document. If we're going to battle over semantics, I suggest we switch the battleground to "spikes of activity". It would be just as illegal and more easily proven that the military was engaging in airstrikes while Bush was assuring the world "War is the last resort" and "Saddam needs to disarm or we will disarm him".

Even Granny on "The Beverly Hillbillies" knew the meaning of the word. When she said, "I'm going to fix a mess of 'possum' fer dinner," that meant that she was going "to prepare" it. The British use of the word "fixed" (not ours), will require an inquiry into the Downing Street Minutes. Notwithstanding their use of the word, the fact remains -- above all else -- We were lied to by the Bush Administration to take us hellbent into Iraq into a devastating war for all concerned. The Bush Administration is still trampling all over us in every way! It is time to stop them by impeachment!

How could someone that was afraid of going to war be so gun-ho to go to war, when it someone else's children going to battle. I think it would be appropriate for Barbara or Jenni Bush to sign up in the military. It would show the that Bush Family was willing to make the same commitment their asking other young people to make.,,2087-1669638,00.html

June 26, 2005

Top Yard officers ‘fixed’ case against colleague
Michael Gillard and David Connett

A TOP team of Scotland Yard detectives has been accused of fabricating a case against an Asian police officer after video evidence exposed inconsistencies in its evidence.
. . .

don't forget he signed the PNAC letter to Clinton 1998

And because of "fixed". I don't get the discussion. We have the evidence for the cooked stories ( Yellow Cake, 45 Minutes, Link to El-Kaida, Powell's speech for UN, Kwiatkowskys testimony and so on )
Now we have the evidence that this all was no grand failure, a theory they like a lot. They wanted it so- for excuses for their way to war- and so they fixed the stories, made them "sexier", search unimportant facts and overstatet them, and even cook totally new "facts" by the OSP like the meeting between Saddams scientist with El-Kaida and the rest of this crap.

Trying not to be cynical here but shouldn't it have been obvious that the administration and just about the entire corporate media and most US intellectuals were lying to get the invasion of Iraq going?

I find it difficult to imagine that anything could be more obvious than what was happening in the US prior to the invasion. I say this to question the notion that the Downing Street memo could change everything. There was never any evidence that war could be justified in any way, legally or morally. Yet we keep coming up with things, evidence, that is supposed to be the nail in the coffin for "proving" that the administration lied.

Do we have to keep proving this. They are the ones responsible for the murder of over 100,000 people. Why do we have to keep grasping for straws trying to prove things?

Shouldn't they be providing the evidence to try and stay out of prison?

Shouldn't they be begging for Congressional hearings to present whatever evidence they have that war was absolutely necessary since they are the ones that in a sane country, would be facing life imprisonment?

Everything that we do seems to operate within the mental and psychological framework of those responsible for the killing, the Bush administration. They just tell us what's what and no matter how implausible or illegal or immoral their version of events, we accept the framework then we work overtime trying to disprove this or that most recent fabrication.

This is a game they desperately need us to play. This is not a game we can win.

The Downing Street Memo represents our most recent salvo in an unwinnable war being fought wholly on the terrain of the enemy. A terrain that is ridiculous for us to even relent to accepting, a terrain that instantaneously changes whenever we are even about to have the slightest foothold. This non-strategy of ours is insanity typified.

We accept the notion that Saddaam Hussein and his country could have possibly been a threat (a ridiculous notion by itself).
We accept the notion that Saddaam and Al-Qaeda might be linked (another ridiculous notion).
We accept the notion that since Saddaam has committed crimes within his country, that a coup de etat against him and his government is justified (obviously illegal, yet we accept and some liberals even support, the ideological premise).

After accepting all these insane notions; notions that an informed 8th grader could summarily reject, we then try to disprove or refute the outlandish claims. All operating in a corporate media environment inherently unfriendly to populism and democracy (but didn't all us political liberals already know that?).

Proving the administration lied. We never had to. And if that even should be the objective, that same 8th grader could accomplish the task. The problem is constantly ceding legal, moral and logical ground and then attempting to fight upside down battles in parallel universes where reality and truth are subjective.

That's our problem. And unfortunately, damning as the memos are, they don't speak to the main problem which seems to be the sensibility of your average liberal-minded person in the USA.

Yes, and he's in a hurry to gut the officer's corps too. These men followed their orders from their Commander in Chief, which they are sworn to do. Yet, they are also sworn to defend the constitution. Obedience was their duty. So was speaking the truth when they were asked about what they'd done and what they felt should have been done. Lawful obedience does not necessarily mean acquiescence. Anything but truthsaying would have been forswearing their oath. Now, there is a purge going on, and who will replace the men of integrity? Edmund Burke said (reports of the exact quote vary), "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Good men are trying to get the truth out. George Bush has said whoever is not with him is against him. Will we let the very people trying to defend our liberties be shuffled out of the way and "disappeared" in this purge?

Folks all this talk is of no value if you can not figure out one major thing.

You have to figure out how to wake up a passive American public that had rather watch a game on tv than to try to find out what is happening in our country.

The American public in general has been beaten down so much with increased work hours and worry about how they are going to pay their bills next month that they wish to avoid any thing unpleasant. That includes facing the fact that we are going down the wrong path with this country.

So how do you wake the American public up in time to make a difference?

An interested reader with another perspective.

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