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Camp Out Now Becomes Camp Out Later

From Cindy Sheehan:

As you all know, Camp OUT NOW was shut down by law enforcement here in DC--we wanted to make a stand to keep Camp up, but we did not have the numbers to do that.

Camp was so energetic and wonderful for the week that we had it up, that no one really wants to give that up. However, since the numbers are so weak, we will have to stop here in DC for awhile.

We are planning to set Camp back up in June when students get out of college/high school and we are planning on doing what we originally planned: Daily acts of Civil Resistance over the summer until Congress leaves to campaign.

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Campers get busted . . . while Congress-Critters commit TREASON!!! . . . ;-)

(Clipped headline and article from Haaretz)
"More than 250 Congress members declare commitment to 'unbreakable' U.S.-Israel bond - More than 250 members of Congress have signed on to a declaration reaffirming their commitment to 'the unbreakable bond that exists between [U.S.] and the State of Israel', in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

(full story)

Maybe these 250 Members of Congress need to go "Camp Out" in Gaza for a while . . . if they think Israel is so great!!! . . . ;-)

. . . or in the WAR ZONES of Iraq and Afghanistan since I'll bet a nickel that these same 250 Members of Congress have voted time and time again to support fund these Illegal Zionist WARS and OCCUPATIONS . . .

. . . while blocking any and all attempts by WE THE PEOPLE to get a REAL 9-11 Investigation . . .

. . . 9-11, that Zionist False Flag operation that is supposed to "justify" all this carnage and profiteering.

(clipped headline and link to full article)
"Global National Intelligence Services Confirm Israel Did 9/11 Says Former UN Diplomat and Defense Contractor"

Or as these Treasonous 300+ Congress-critters put it (the Haaretz article just updated and jumped the number from 250 to 300 while I type):

"Our two countries are partners in the fight against terrorism and share an important strategic relationship."

That "important strategy" wouldn't have anything to do with Netanyahu's "Eratz Israel: Clean Break" or PNAC's "Full Spectrum Dominance" ILLEGAL WARS OF AGRESSION plans, now would it?


Some plan that needed a "New Pearl Harbor" or something from the Office Of Special Plans??? . . . ;-)

With "friends" like Israel, their MOSSAD, and their 5th Column AIPAC . . . who needs ENEMIES???

Just ask the surviving crew of the U.S.S. Liberty . . . or for that matter, President Obama . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and article)
"Judea declares War on Obama by Gilad Atzmon - Last week we read about AIPAC’s assault against President Obama. It was reported that the Jewish Lobby in America took its gloves off."

(full story)

Perhaps if these TREASONOUS Congress-Critters were to camp out in Gaza for a while, maybe they would actually learn a little REAL history. . . versus Zionist Mythology . . ;-)

(clipped headline and link to full article)
"Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis"

I hope all you kidz that had your "Camp Out" cut short will remember these 300 Congress-critters when you resume your plan . . .

"what we originally planned: Daily acts of Civil Resistance over the summer until Congress leaves to campaign."

. . . and will remind these "Israel First" Congress-Critters campaigning for AMERICAN votes how they betrayed their "unbreakable bonds" to WE THE PEOPLE and OUR MILITARY . . .

(clipped headline and link to article)
"Americans – Are you with Gen. Petraeus and Adm. Mullen or with Israel?"

. . . . when they failed to put AMERICAN INTERESTS FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD by continuing to support Zionist WARS, WAR CRIMES, WAR CRIMINALS . . .

. . . and the BIG LIE OF 9-11!!!

"Good morning campers!
I'm your Uncle Ernie,
And I welcome you to Tommy's Holiday Camp!
The camp with a differance
Never mind the weather
When you come to Tommy's,
The holiday's forever!"
- "Tommy's Holiday Camp" from Tommy by The Who


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