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Now That Obama's Signed It, Let's Reform the Reform

Now That Obama's Signed It, Let's Reform the Reform
By John Nichols | The Nation

The Nation editorial urging Congress to support President Obama's health-care reform legislation recognized that the measure was flawed. But it argued that there were practical and political reasons for supporting it.

The core point was that passing the bill needed to be seen as part of a process, not as a finished product.

As such, the editorial closed with the lines:

For all these reasons, we support passage of the bill, even as we urge the progressive community to begin the struggle immediately to correct its many flaws and improve its protections. Some of this can be done quickly, via the reconciliation process. Some of it can and should be done with new legislation, such as robust public option bills by Senator Sherrod Brown and Representative Alan Grayson and proposals to expand Medicare and eliminate the health insurance industry's anti-trust exemption.

If this crucial second step is taken quickly and boldly, progressives will have an agenda and an argument for maintaining the pressure through this year's election cycle and in the years to come--when the crucial details of the reform will be implemented. Are we prepared to carry on a knock-down, drag-out fight with the insurance and pharmaceutical industries? The opposition is formidable, but there is a base for mobilization in both houses of Congress. Ultimately, our message must be that genuine reform begins, and only begins, with passage of the current legislation. It ends with achievement of the goal that should be our new battle cry: Medicare for All. Read more.

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Reforming reform proves the system is in crisis......and needs itself to be replaced, with fundamental new mechanisms......the end of imperial and class hypocrisy and despotism, with a social agenda, social party, social ideology, and global social mechanism to overwhelm the corrupt subordinating class forces.

Tell one Lie to the people. Tell another Lie to cover that Lie, Tell two more Lies to cover the first two Lies. This has been going on for several years now.
Change Political Parties, start a new chain of Lies to CHANGE the line of Lies to come.
Bear in mind though, these elected officials that "We the People" keep sending back to Washington time and time again, these are the actual people who are continiously spreading all these lies in the first place.
What they're calling reforms, is actually telling more Lies to "We the People".
It's amazing to me how 536 people can be elected to simply uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, that was written and approved over 200 years ago by our forefathers, and today have these newly elected officials spend Billions and Trillions of our tax dollars, and get near nothing done. Making new laws. Spending money foolishly. I thought the government didn't have money to spend! Our country's biggest waste of the taxpayers money, "IS THE GOVERNMENT", and all this time wasted trying to make new laws to enforce old laws. What a huge pile of CRAP that keeps getting shoved around.

Sadly this is how we lose our freedoms

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

There is nothing whats-o-ever in this bill that indicates a process for Improved Medicare for All incl Mental Dental and Vision Care.
This was all back room dealing with the Insurance Cartel. This is NOT a process as The Nation and John Nichols would have you think. This was not Grass Roots, it was done at the Top as evidenced by the facts.
The DLC manufactured the ruse Public Option to suck the life out of "Single Payer" This is the Process you want us to buy.
Please Re-think your profile as a Progressive. It's not evident here it's just Centrist BS.
The root and only cause of the swamp of death we are in over Health Care Reform is still fully in the hands of the Insurance Cartel. The Profit motive and Stockholder model are even more entrenched/ CEMENTED into the PROCESS -
If this was the Process + United Citizens - you'll not be seeing any thing but bad change on top of bad.


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IWW Industrial Workers of the World~ the One Big Union
Veterans for Peace, (disabled Infantry Veteran, WIA Viet Nam '67 - '68).
National Accountability Action Network
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