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Legal Loopholes Allow European Companies To Trade In 'Tools Of Torture'

Legal loopholes allow European companies to trade in 'tools of torture' | Press Release

European companies are participating in the global trade in types of equipment widely used in torture or other ill-treatment, according to evidence presented in a new report by Amnesty International and the Omega Research Foundation.

Fixed wall restraints, metal "thumb-cuffs", and electroshock "sleeves" and "cuffs" that deliver 50,000V shocks to detained prisoners are amongst the "tools of torture" highlighted in the report, From Words to Deeds.

Such activities have continued despite the 2006 introduction of a Europe-wide law banning the international trade of policing and security equipment designed for torture and ill-treatment. Read more.

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We need an international social, democratic movement away from class parties, class ideologes and set up social agendas, social parties, with international strikes to make it happen......a global customs union promoting social wealth creation and democracy......STRIKE against the class whores, and class thugs.

An "international social, democratic movement" is the sort of thing that people like George Soros, who's an imperialist who practices subtle and cunning imperialism, but nevertheless imperialism, and the U.S. NED, USAID, etcetera promote.

About George Soros, for the many fooled by him, people can simply use Google to do a search of to learn very important things about him and his activities and relationships that most people aren't aware of, but which some people are very aware of and have excellently and importantly written about. If you're not familiar with the Google search "site:" operator, then go to the simple Google search engine page, click on the Advanced search link, enter his name in the appropriate search field and in the search field to specify this website, only. You'll get plenty of resulting article links and I read several of the articles linked in the first page of search results last night. Several of those articles are recommendable.

Many "liberals" and "leftists", etcetera, are enthralled by or with George Soros, as if he's some savior, and "man", are these people deceived about who he really is, what he really represents, etcetera.

The NED, National Endowment for Democracy, is a complete nightmare, the exact opposite from what it's title or name should really mean! USAID? Similar. It's not really about aid in any humanitarian sense. Both are [evil] and like evil, they pretend to be good. It's easy to pretend to be something we're not; it requires more energy and conscience to really be what or how we say we are.

I don't support the notion of "an international social, democratic movement". Instead, I support the populations of every country fighting for real freedom, rights, dignity, on a country-by-country basis. I firmly believe in the principle of [individual conscience is primordial], except when the conscience condones injustices. F.e., I oppose racism, the segment of Islam that believes that they can force marriages upon young females and males, gov'ts commanding wars of aggression, or for any purpose other than real defense, etcetera. But as long as conscience is moral, then I prefer [individuality].

When speaking of democracy or democracies, then we speak of national laws and the desires of the populations of each of these countries.

The problem is not the lack of a desire for real democracy, a just kind, in which case I mean that a majority can't be allowed to wrongly override legitimate rights or liberties of a minority, for majorities can and sometimes are very unjust and insane; well, the problem is not a lack of this desire. The problem is that we don't have democratic gov'ts!

I am not solely for democracy, either. F.e., with American Indians, there's the heriditary chief system. If the American Indians approve of this system and the heriditary chiefs are honourable, then these people don't have a democracy, or not one like most of us mean when speaking of democracy, but they have a system that they approve of and want; and I could never be against this.

We don't need democracy for good-willed people to be political leaders and representatives, for there are examples of societies in which there were such leaders and representatives without the societies being democracies. But we have some good examples of real democracies, like in Haiti and Venezuela, f.e. We don't have much to speak of for good in the U.S., Canada, and many other western countries though.

A democracy consisting mostly of ignorant, and worse, voters is nothing to brag about; to say the least.

I don't care what kind of political system we have, as long as it is a Just system! That's all I care about.

But an international movement for democracy? Are you employed by the NED, or what?

Mike Corbeil

Quote: "Such activities have continued despite the 2006 introduction of a Europe-wide law banning the international trade of policing and security equipment designed for torture and ill-treatment".

What's unusual about that or this? After all, capitalists have always been interested in "making a buck", and much more; enough more that they come to be able to buy politicians who are supposed to be representatives of the populations of their countries or constituencies. "Money talks", it's long been said.

Making laws is a matter of writing them down on paper. What did Bush Jr respond when a journalist who evidently wasn't asleep asked him about the U.S. Constitution in early 2003? Bush replied that the Constitution is "just a piece of paper", so, iow, nothing to be particularly concerned about.

It's easy to put principles down on paper. To live up to them and enforce them clearly are different from what the paper says or reads.

We apparently have good laws regarding the recycling of hi-tech gadgets, etcetera, but there's still a problem with this system. While the laws are respected by first parties in the recycling business, they pass the tech. to be recycled to middle-parties, who bribe mayors of poor African villages in order to be able to dump the stuff there at little cost, and the fact that the stuff is exposed to the natural elements, like rains, the heavy metals are leeched down into the soils and eventually the water table, water used by the villagers, who become highly poisoned.

And of course our gov'ts know this. After all, if we know it, then our gov'ts definitely also know it. But they act as if they're ignorant of this; these or our "Great Pretenders".

What did the EU law-makers expect, that the law would be respected by profiteering corporations, predatory capitalists, ...? Duh; the European "leaders" surely can't all be this dumb. Or can they?

These cies should be placed under direct gov't control. Or should they not? After all, if we take the U.S. for example, then it's not like we could expect much of a real difference. The CIA, f.e., circumvents accountability to the U.S. Congress by profiteering from international drug trafficking, you know, heroin and cocaine, so the ops branch of the agency can use this money to carry out covert ops that the Congress or even the executive branch are totally unaware of. After all, it's not like this part of the CIA is going to inform the Congress or the executive branch about this covert drug smuggling business.

Jesus of Nazareth, according to the Gospels anyway, said that "all human institutions will fail", and you know what? We can name an instance or example of that warning having been at all mistaken or wrong. NOT ONE human institution has been without failures. Some people argue that he didn't exist, others argue that while he perhaps or probably existed, the story about him is still very mythological. Well, there are some things that he purportedly said that can't be disproven, so whether he existed or not, whether the story about him is exaggerated or not, the teachings we're told that he gave are not disprovable. No one can disprove his religious and social order teachings; or no one can prove that they're wrong. If he borrowed from previously existing religious teachings, then it simply means that they were also right. Either way, we can't disprove his teachings or prove that his counsel was wrong, unfitting, ....

Gov't leaders should keep this sort of warning in mind, carefully, instead of being negligent vis-a-vis humanity, as well as the natural world, environment. There'll always be profiteers seeking to disregard essential laws, so gov'ts should carefully monitor businesses.

Otherwise, we'll have "business as usual"; too often destructive, exploitative, etcetera.

Mike Corbeil

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