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Protesters Prepare For Saturday's Antiwar Demonstration

Protesters prepare for Saturday's antiwar demonstration
By Michael E. Ruane, Staff Writer | Washington Post

Maggie Pondolfino has a 24-year-old son who is a soldier serving in Afghanistan -- "he's honorable, courageous, has a lot of integrity and he loves his mother," she said.

Which is why, in part, she said she will be marching in an antiwar demonstration Saturday to bring him and other soldiers home from what protesters Thursday called America's "illegal war for empire."

The protest, against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will begin with a noon rally in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House. The march will follow.

Organizers said at a news conference Thursday that the Afghanistan conflict has become "Obama's war." They criticized the continued fighting there and in Iraq, and said the president's war policies were just like former President George W. Bush's. Read more.

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Although protest demonstrations aren't likely to cause the ruling elite to stop the wars, etcetera, at least the protesters the Wa. Post article is about realise what the wars are for, empire, and that they're illegal, hence criminal. And it's good that these protesters will be protesting against the war in Afghanistan and the continuing one on Iraq.

While the war on Iraq doesn't have bombings, etcetera, by the U.S. like years ago and as continues to be going on in Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the war on Iraq nevertheless continues; just that it's at a less intense scale than it was years ago. It's continuing genocide and to commit this is to commit war on the population of Iraq.

"The New ‘Forgotten’ War: Iraq Occupation Falls Into Media Shadows

by Dahr Jamail, Extra!,, March 16, 2010, originally March 15th

It's not just a matter of the U.S. occupying Iraq and Dahr Jamail's article provides a clear enough picture of this. It's continuing [genocide] and military bombings aren't required to wage war on a population. Wars can also be conducted with the use of military forces. It's just that some people prefer to be overly narrow in their use of the term "war", restricting it to solely when military might is used. The U.S.-led and maintained coup d'etat against the Haitian population and their democratically (strongly too) elected government was an act of war and is a continuing act of war, because the coup d'etat is imperialistically, ... and criminally maintained.

(I try to be reasonably flexible with terminology, instead of being narrow-minded or pointy-headed. Broader or more flexible thinking permits acquiring fuller understanding.)

The war on Iraq is not over until the U.S. fully withdraws, but unlike what the Wa. Post article says about the protesters, not only U.S. military forces need to be withdrawn. Contractors also need to be withdrawn. [All] foreign presence in support of the wars must be withdrawn!

I think an analogy might be found in what former CIA operations or region chief John Stockwell has described about Operation Phoenix, or I think it was him anyway. If I'm recalling this correctly, then there wasn't much, if any, overt U.S. military involvement in this operation; an operation that was evil, hellishly criminal.

All foreigners in support of the U.S. in these wars must be withdrawn, and I don't mean only U.S. military and contractors, but also military forces and contractors from other countries, as well.

Once that happens, if it ever does, within our lifetimes anyway, then war crimes trials, real ones, need to be held; but I can't begin to even guess when this might possibly happen. Maybe it never will. Probably, it never won't. But it should happen, some day, and the sooner that day arrives, the better. It'd be a GREAT day, but first the forces, military and contractor, need to be withdrawn; and this seems like "mission impossible".

Mike Corbeil

They are puppets the evil bankers, the CFR and the globalists that really control this country

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

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