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63% and Still No Official Position?

By David Sirota

A new nationwide poll (attached) finds that "sixty three percent of those surveyed were in favor of bringing US troops home from Iraq in the next year." Yet, even as some Democrats courageously say enough is enough, other high-profile Democrats are still saying the party will only have a position "at the right time." Meanwhile, Democratic "aides" are telling the press that "it is doubtful we will have a [Democratic] Caucus position on Iraq" because some Democratic officials believe supporting a withdrawal "is not the right place politically to be."

Here are the real simple questions: When will it be the "right time?" How, in light of these polling numbers, can anyone say with a straight face that supporting an exit strategy is "not the right place politically to be?" Democrats, America is waiting for some answers.

Murtha courageously says its time to end the "stay the course" Iraq policy:

DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel says Dems will only have an Iraq position "at the right time":

Democratic "aides" tell press there will be no official Democratic position on the war:


AFP – 11/21/05

More Americans than ever are pessimistic about Iraq's future: poll

(AFP) A majority of Americans do not think Iraq will be successful in establishing a stable democratic government and would like US troops to come home next year, according to a poll.

Of the 1,011 adults surveyed by telephone November 8-13, 61 percent answered "no" when asked if they were confident democracy and stability could come to Iraq, up four percent from August, the Harris Poll said.

Only a third, or 32 percent, thought Iraq would be successful in its quest for peace and fair government, up eight percent from August, the survey found.

Sixty three percent of those surveyed were in favor of bringing US troops home from Iraq in the next year, up two percent from August, while 35 percent thought they should be kept in large numbers until a democracy is established, down one point from August.

With regards to the strength of insurgents US troops are facing in Iraq, 44 percent thought they were getting the upper hand (down four percent from August), against 41 percent who believed they were being contained by security forces (up two percent since August).

On how Iraqis are faring since the US-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein, 68 percent said their life was getting better, while 28 percent thought it was getting worse.

The margin of error of the poll was plus or minus three percentage points.



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