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Wow! Suddenly WMD and Iraq-Al Qaeda are NOT the Reasons we Invaded Iraq...

By Bob Fertik, President,

Interview With Donald Rumsfeld; Interview With Lawrence Wilkerson
Aired November 20, 2005 - 11:00 ET

RUMSFELD: We know intelligence is imperfect.

BLITZER: That's why the U.S. went to war: the WMD and the Iraq- Al Qaida
connection that you alleged.

RUMSFELD: The reason the United States went to war, the president has
announced and said it repeatedly. There were 17 resolutions in the U.N.
that were ignored by Saddam Hussein. Our planes were being shot at on a
regular basis in the Operation Southern Watch and Operation Northern
Watch. Saddam Hussein was giving $25,000 to the families of suicide
bombers. Iraq was on the terrorist list. Iraq had used chemical weapons
against its own people and its neighbors.

BLITZER: But, Mr. Secretary, wasn't Iraq under Saddam Hussein in those
days effectively contained by the United Nations, by the U.S., the no-fly
zones, the economic sanctions, the diplomatic sanctions? Weren't they
effectively contained? And certainly, with hindsight, Saddam Hussein did
not pose much of a threat to the United States.

RUMSFELD: The -- you say was it effectively contained?

It was certainly engaged in doing things that were harmful -- shooting at
our airplanes, the only place in the world that was taking place. The
United Nations -- ignoring 17 U.N. resolutions. The sanctions obviously
were not working very well.

BLITZER: Let me...

RUMSFELD: Just let me answer your question. Just a minute.

BLITZER: Go ahead.

RUMSFELD: The sanctions were obviously not working very well, which
sanctions tend not to after a long period of time. You've read what's been
going on with the oil-for-food in the United Nations.

BLITZER: But based on the fact that the United States didn't find any
stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction...

RUMSFELD: It's clear the intelligence was wrong.

BLITZER: And it's clear that he didn't really represent much of a threat.

RUMSFELD: If you're talking about whether or not the intelligence was
correct, everyone has agreed it was not.


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This whole criminal Bush cabal reminds me of the squirrel that got stuck inside one of our bird feeders.

From the kitchen window I could see that he couldn't quite figure out how to get out of the former cockatiel cage that we fashioned into a big bird feeder and hung in the back yard, but was not yet in a state of panic.

It was only as I walked out the back door toward the cage that he really started freaking out. The closer I got, the more crazy he got, trying anything and everything to free himself. Darting around the cage at lightning speed, trying desperately to chew his way through metal....

Of course Dubya managed to keep from totally losing it when he came upon those locked doors the other day, but perhaps that's because he's never totally had it in the first place.

They're all running around like a bunch of trapped squirrels. Lashing out at critics, trotting out the same tired propaganda, and growing increasingly agitated with each approaching step of real accountability.

Your day is coming, gentelmen.

John Perry

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