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Obama Abandoning Real Trials for Any Victims of Guantanamo or Bagram

Instead, it's time to put on your court costumes and act out the charades of military commissions.


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Perhaps it is because any REAL Trials will lead to Zionism . . .

. . . as the REAL Criminal "Syndicate" guilty of these WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY . . .

Connect the dotz and see the pattern, kidz . . .

(clipped headline and article from MSNBC)
"Pentagon gunman sought ‘truth’ about 9/11 -
Police describe shooting suspect as ‘a single individual who had issues’ . . . Resentment of the U.S. government and suspicions over the 9/11 attacks have surfaced in writings by the Californian identified as the man fatally wounded in a hail of return fire."

(full story)

Now, where have we heard about this "scene" being staged recently??? This kid breaks it down pretty well . . .

(link to video clip - approx. 7 minutes)
"Mainstream media getting desperate with propaganda"

Here is the original "SPLC = GOOD and TRUE", "TEA PARTY = EVIL" Delphi "Consensus" propaganda segment from Zionists Steve Balmer/Jeff Zuckerman's NBC/MSNBC 5th Column "Shabbat Goy" Dylan Ratigan:

(link to video clip - approx. 9 minutes)
"MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Lies About American Patriot Groups"

And just what is the problem that must be "neutralized" Cass "Mr. COINTELPRO II" Sunstein style?

(video link from Russia Today - approx. 4 minutes)
"Twelve New England towns demand 9/11 reinvestigation"

An awakening populace simply demanding "TRUTH" and "JUSTICE" . . . you know, like in that "hate speech" document called the U.S. Constitution . . . well, that's apparently how the SPLC and the ADL see it and "frame it", anyway . . . ;-)

The fear? A Civilian Trial my reveal the TRUTH . . . these people on TRIAL were TORTURED into CONFESSING to crimes they did not commit . . . they were the Zionist "False Flag" PATSIES!!! . ..

But how does Senator Joe "Israel First" LIEberman frame it, kidz???

(clipped headline and article from Washington Post)
"Senators urge Obama to shift funds from terrorism trials to Coast Guard - Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan M. Collins (R-Maine) on Tuesday urged the Obama administration to abandon plans to spend $200 million to pay for state and local costs to secure terrorism trials and use the money instead to prevent cuts to the U.S. Coast Guard in its 2011 budget.

'Since I think terrorist trials should be conducted in a military, rather than a civilian, setting, the proposed $200 million set aside for security at civilian terror trials would be far better spent shoring up the critical operations of the U.S. Coast Guard,' Lieberman said in a joint statement with Collins.

Lieberman is chairman and Collins ranking minority member of the Senate homeland security committee, before which Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is expected to testify Wednesday."

(full article)

Oh, yes, help the Coast Guard . . . yeah, RIGHT . . . you're all heart there, Zio-Joe . . . ;-)

A "Military Trial" would be much more convenient since it would allow these Zionist "Sons of Darkness" to have full control over all evidence, testimony, witnesses . . . and, most importantly, full control over all MEDIA ACESS to the trials . . .

. . . read "Zio-Members Only" . . .

. . . just like those Kangaroo "show Trials" of the Soviet Thermador under that OTHER "Zio-Joe" . . . ;-)

"Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
Go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of heaven,
You can justify it in the end.
But there won't be any trumpets blowing,
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after
One Tin Soldier rides away."
- "One Tin Solider" Theme from Billy Jack by The Original Caste




Re. John Patrick Bedell, the aka "Pentagon shooter", I wouldn't rely on NBC or MSNBC or any msm corporate news media for the truth, certainly not all of the truth; however I did a Youtube search using "Pentagon shooter" for search term and KSBW TV, channel 8 (somewhere in the USA), has an interesting report; although, while it's interesting and seems like fair reporting, it's posted at Youtube on March 4th, while the MSNBC link you provided is for a page that says the article was updated just a couple of hours ago. Nevertheless, I wouldn't rely on NBC, etcetera, for whole truth.

The KSBW TV video is the following one and it's a little over seven minutes.

The video a little further below is a March 5th posting of a Russia Today interview with a Washington, DC, 9-11 truther organisation founder or leader and his statements seem to be overall okay, though a little weak when explaining what the 9/11 "truth movement" consists of for members. He's interviewed about the "movement" and the government report that John Patrick Bedell, JPB, is said to have been a 9-11 "truther", a member of the overall 9-11 Truth movement, which the man interviewed by RT doesn't well describe; not as much as I think should be described anyway. The overall movement even includes some people who were in real support for a new and independent 9/11 inquiry or investigation, while denying or having denied being 9-11 "truthers" and only because they didn't support some of the theories or research results.

The "movement" is diverse, instead of uniform. Not everyone who's really and arguably a "9/11 truther" believes everything said by others in the "movement". Just being for a new and independent investigation inherently makes a person a "9/11 truther", that is, truth seeker, as well as someone who doesn't accept the "official story"; aka, the official conspiracy theory (though it doesn't even qualify to be labeled as a theory, for it's been disproven more than enough for it to not even qualify as a hypothesis).

The Wa., DC, "truther" interviewed by RT says really little in defence of the "movement". What he says is okay, but it's weak or very weak compared to what can be truly said.

And the RT interview is a little over four minutes.

I can say a lot more about this, but will leave the post at this, only adding the link for the RT interview for it reports that JPB was purportedly found to have been a "9/11 truther"; one of an exceptional sort! What are the statistics? How many of the "truthers" have committed violent actions over roughly nine years or a little more? I'm not sure, but it the number is very few (if more than one) and JPB is the first I've heard about. Meanwhile, I've been reading plenty on what's been going on with these wars and related politics since Fall 2002.

But while he is being associated with "9/11 tuth", there's also more about him that is not related to this movement at all, but which tells us that he had psychological problems. And "9/11 truth" doesn't seem logically related to shooting Pentagon MP's, for they would never be people responsible for the 9/11 attacks anyway. However, maybe it was part of what drove him to commit this violent action.

His parents apparently warned government authorities some weeks before he committed this act that he was someone to be worried about in terms of behavior.

Anyway, I wouldn't rely on MSNBC or NBC for real analyses and whole truth about him and what he did; but I also don't know of sources to recommend for this, either. One thing we can be certain of is that he's not a stereotype of "9/11 truthers"; definitely not, far from it. By far most "truthers" are peaceful; affirmative or self-affirmative, active, but [not] violent. Even the most extremist people among the overall "truth movement" haven't committed any violent actions; or none related to "9/11 truth", anyway.

The overall "movement" is not uniform. Overall, there are people with different views or beliefs, and theories, the only real commonality being that all support the need for a new and independent 9/11 investigation. And this is not surprising. We'll find analogies in all spheres, say. It's common to find varying views and/or beliefs among people who have a common base when enough people are considered. We see this politically, religiously, culturally, ... in all spheres. We even find this within microcosmic families.

If MSNBC is demonzing the "9/11 truth movement", then tell yourself that you're reading more lies, propaganda of deception, because it is what you'd be reading, or hearing. I've read more than enough about the overall movement to know what it generally consists of, and there are "exceptions to every rule". JPB would be an exception, if he committed his violent act in relation to 9/11.

Mike Corbeil


Good video, "Twelve New England towns demand 9/11 reinvestigation"! It's short, but for it's length, it's a very good video. I like the words of persons reported on or about and interviewed in this piece. It's all [heartening].

The elderly gentleman, Gerhard B..., is great; clearly a very sound, sane, attentive, ... man. The elderly university professor is aired for only a few seconds, but what he says is clearly important and right. And the rest of the clip is good. There's nothing negative to say about it, except that it's short.

People, everyone, should view the six clips for the video-taped press conference by at the U.S. Marine's Club & Hotel in San Francisco on Feb. 6th, the organisation having a channel at Youtube called "ae911truth". Most of the clips will be information "truthers" already have learned, but clip 6 is an excellent and strong presentation by Eric Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth. While I find all of the clips greatly appreciable, very good, I wish to point out the sixth one.

Also to learn from is the interview that Barry Jennings gave to the Loose Change team and which was initially supposed to be included in their documentary, but he retracted his approval of this out of fear for his job and/or the security of his family. He died and the LC team released the interview, because of the importance of it. And important it is, if what Barry Jennings said is true. He strikes me as being truly honest in the interview and while competent liars can fool "the best of us", I believe he's not lying at all. What he said is [explosive] information, and if we continue the analysis from what he says, then we end up with only a more [explosive] account of the real 9/11. It's what I and many others have long expected for real story, except for what Barry Jennings says about what happened at WTC 7 the morning of 9/11. I'm sure that it's not what most, if any of us, had thought, for what we only or mostly knew was that the building was demolished around 5:20 p.m. He tells us a lot more about 7.

The full embedded interview copy of the Youtube clips that I viewed were posted at I think it or they totalled a little over twenty minutes, but maybe not this much. I viewed them or it several months ago.

Mike Corbeil

Fire Fighters on The Move for 9-11 TRUTH as well . . . ;-)

(clipped text from video site)
"Finally, a Seattle FireFighter Eric Lawyer, for truth group for Fire Fighters to stand up and join. No longer silent, while the pieces of their fellow NY Fire Dept. firefighters lay buried in the landfill without dignity or proper burial.

Thanks to the Architects for Truth. The Science is finally proving that 911 was in fact an inside job,
not made up by Conspiracy 'nuts', but here Eric Lawyer states flatly that the Book for Forensic preservation of evidence from a crime scene was blatantly ignored."

(link to video - approx. 10 minutes)

Looks like "Southern POVERTY Law Center" (SPLC) has their "damage control" work cut out for them to spin this one, kidz . . . ;-)

It's a good thing this "POVERTY" 501(c)(3) "Nonprofit" has Assets listed as $191,801,394 (USD) . . .

. . . and Income listed as $169,349,051 (USD) . . .

"Nonprofit Organization Lookup"

"81 Nonprofit organizations in MONTGOMERY, AL 36101"

. . . to aid them in their "Religious" and "Educational" 5th Column activities . . . ;-)

And I thought Abe "If WE Hate You, You're An Anti-Semite" Foxman's boast of the ADL's $70 MILLION yearly budget was off the chain . . . ;-)

(link to video - approx. 90 minutes)
"Defamation (2009)"

HEY Mark Potok!!! Better take some SPLC "petty cash" and send out for more coffee . . . looks like you and your Zionist Politruks are going to need it . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and article)
"'The Jersey Girls' support AE911Truth efforts! - We're proud to have the endorsement of The Jersey Girls, who single handedly forced the Bush Administration to convene the 9/11 Commission after one year of inaction following the attacks of September 11"

(full article)

The kidz are on THE MOVE!!!! . . . ;-)

"When you hear this sound a-comin',
Hear the drummers drumming,
I want you to join together with the band,
We don't move in any particular direction,
And we don't make no collections,
I want you to join together with the band."
- "Join Together" by The Who




Quote: "'Since I think terrorist trials should be conducted in a military, rather than a civilian, setting, the proposed $200 million set aside for security at civilian terror trials would be far better spent shoring up the critical operations of the U.S. Coast Guard,' Lieberman said in a joint statement with Collins."

He forgot shoes, which are always fun to shop for when we, instead, should pay attention to critical issues. It's a great excuse. Follow Condoleeza Rice to the best stores. $200mn could buy an awful lot of pairs of shoes and whatever the money's spent on, [we] are not going to benefit anyway. So why not shoes?

I protest. The $200mn should, if re-allocated for another purpose, be spent on shoes. And throwing them at political "representatives" would add a little "icing" to this excitement.

Mike Corbeil

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