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The Tipping Point of Absolute Moral Authority

November 22, 2005
The Tipping Point of Absolute Moral Authority
Casey Morris, Democracy Cell Project

Since last Friday when Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) made his historic call for redeployment of troops from Iraq, people have been wondering why his statement has garnered such attention.

Russ Feingold made a proposal earlier this year. Dennis Kucinich has been calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq since the beginning of the war.

Why is John Murtha different?

If you ask Congressman Murtha, he will tell you that even he doesn't know for sure, but he thinks that people know we are losing this war, and they are thirsting for a solution.

That may be close, but I don't think that is quite right.

I think John Murtha has become the tipping point for the moderate Republicans who supported Iraq War for the same reason that Cindy Sheehan became the tipping point for the centrist Democrats who supported the Iraq War. They both have absolute moral authority.

Cindy Sheehan's absolute moral authority arose from her's son Casey's death on April 4, 2004, moving her forever from motherhood to iconic peace activist. She became the voice of all parents in America who question the government's moral authority to send our children to war for a cause that cannot, to this day, be enunciated.

But something was still missing from the fight against the War In Iraq.

Enter Valerie Plame and Patrick Fitzgerald. The Valerie Plame investigation had the ability to go nowhere, except for the diligent leadership of one man in full moral character, Patrick Fitzgerald.

Patrick Fitzgerald gained his absolute legal moral authority from his history of prosecuting democrats and terrorists, and being appointed by a Republican acting US Attorney General, James Comey. His moral authority was further conferred on him by no less that the President of the United States himself, George Bush.

In the process of investigating the White House leak of Valerie Plame's CIA identity, Fitzgerald uncovered a warren of sub-strata political dealings to advance the dubious and factually challenged causus belli by an increasingly large number of White House staff and officials acting under the color of Presidential and Vice-Presidential authority.

Because of his moral authority, Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation has been imbued with a deeply felt sense that this is a man who has been able to uncover a truth that had been heretofore unknown.

But something was still missing from the fight against the War in Iraq.

Enter Jack Murtha, Democratic hawk, decorated war hero (in two wars), retired Marine Colonel of 38 years experience, and fifteen term Congressman from the blue collar district of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Jack Murtha's moral authority derives from his standing both as a long-time Marine, and long-time supporter of the Military in Congress. He is well-known and well-liked by both sides of the aisle, and he is the best friend a soldier in the field could hope for.

But there is something more to Jack Murtha. He visits troops every week in the hospital. Every week. He drives by Arlington National Cemetary every day on his way to work in Congress. Every day. Those two experiences, combined with his battlefield decorations, give Jack Murtha's voice on the subject of war the distinct "ring of truth".

We all know the truth when we hear it.

The truth is something that enter your body through your gut, not your ears. Your ears hear words. Your soul hears truth.

The truth has an absolute moral authority of its own.

Cindy Sheehan speaks truth.

Patrick Fitzgerald speaks truth.

Jack Murtha speaks truth.

When you combine the absolute moral authority of truth with the absolute moral authority of Cindy Sheehan's maternal grief, Patrick Fitzgerald's righteous pursuit of the Rule of Law, and Jack Murtha's hardened courage, you have exceeded the tipping point.

The Iraq War is over.

The only question remaining is how many more will die before our government realizes what the people have decided.

Posted by Casey Morris


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Well said!

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