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Election Watchdog Group Supports Call For Independent Investigation Into Ukraine Election Results

Yanukovich Campaign Team Tied To Election Rigging Allegations In United States

Washington, DC: Ukrainian presidential candidate and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko last week alleged that over one million votes were stolen by opposition candidate Viktor Yanukovich in the February 7th presidential run off election. She has filed over 60 complaints with the Central Election Commission and has called the irregularities “shocking.”

In 2004, Mr. Yanukovich’s campaign was caught rigging the election after members of his election team were recorded discussing how to destroy evidence that showed tampering with the tabulation results. That revelation led to massive protests in the street, the Orange Revolution and a new vote which resulted in the election of Viktor Yushchenko.

The back story regarding the 2004 election theft was provided in public testimony last year by CIA Agent Steven Stigall, who confirmed that Victor Yanukovich stole that October 2004 election by secretly placing a (man in the middle) computer in the central tabulation facility and flipping the results (by 14% according to other sources). This rigging was suspected because the exit polls favored Victor Yushchenko by 11%. However, it was only proven by taped phone calls between Yanukovich’s campaign managers discussing the rigging and the attempted coverup.

Yanukovich’s campaign team in 2004 and 2010 included Rick Davis and Paul Manafort, the owners of a Washington, DC lobbying/PR firm called 3eDC. 3EDC’s bragged on its website that it had five “strategic partners.”

* New Media Communications, run by CEO Mike Connell, who has been accused of rigging GOP elections
* Integrated Web Strategy, another Connell affiliated company that works with Chamber of Commerce Institute of Legal Reform, which has been found by courts to have engaged in illegal election manipulations
* Campaign Solutions, run by Mike Connell’s partner, Becki Donatelli
* Airnet Group , parent company of Smartech Corporation, owned by Jeff Averbeck, which was employed by Mike Connell in the controversial diversion of the state of Ohio's official vote prior to certification of a contested majority favoring George Bush over Democratic opponent John Kerry.
* Dynology Corp which has a heavily military client list: “a majority of our staff hold security clearances that allow access to Secret and Top Secret classified government information.”

Rick Davis/Paul Manafort/3eDC were managers of Yanukovich’s 2004 election campaign and were key advisors in Yanukovich’s 2010 election. They maintained a strategic partnership with both Mike Connell and Jeff Averbeck, both of whom have been accused of rigging Bush’s elections. Mr. Connell was killed in a very suspicious December 2008 airplane crash after he was called to testify about the vote rigging allegations. According to an article in the February 2010 issue of Maxim magazine, Mr. Connell rigged the 2004 election for George Bush by creating a man in the middle attack to change the results of the Ohio election results. That attack was done through the GOP computers run by Smartech.

For all these reasons, VelvetRevolution, a non partisan election watchdog group, calls for an independent investigation and audit of the Ukrainian election, especially the tabulation of votes.


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Not only about, but nevertheless including a note about the rigging of elections in the Ukraine evidently happening throughout the country, in the pro-western and pro-Russian regions, while it seems that most Ukrainians are pro-Russian, the following article is perhaps useful. It seems that not only one of the competing parties or candidates can sling these accusations against his or her opponents for the leadership seat. And to think the US hasn't been meddling, to say the least, in elections in the Ukraine and other former Soviet republics seems to be a matter of ignoring ... history that's only underreported.

"Defeat of Ukraine's "Orange Revolution": Yanukovich -- Man for all Seasons"

by Eric Walberg, a writer for Al Ahram Weekly, originally Jan 19, 2010

There are plenty of other articles about the US and its desire to more-or-less dominate, or have controlling influence, in former Soviet republics linked in the "Russia and FSU" subindex at and linked in the homepage near the top of the page. There are articles by plenty of different analysts, as well as news articles, and some of the former are by Rick Rozoff and F. William Engdahl, both of whom are very good on U.S. meddling, etcetera, in this area of this world.

Mike Corbeil

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