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Blowing the Whistle On Bob Woodward

By Larry C. Johnson

Among the many op-eds spawned by Bob Woodward's duplicity, this one in the Tampa Tribune struck a nerve. Entitled, Woodward Failed His Readers By Holding Back What He Knew, the piece sparked a reaction by Len Colodny. Len's site,, has some fascinating background on Bob Woodward and his ties to military intelligence.

Woodward has been the consumate insider while cultivating the image of the hard charging investigative reporter. He is anything but, and it is time to blow the whistle on his incestuous relationship with certain government officials. The fact that the Washington Post is still covering for this joker says volumes about the decline of the Post.

When he appears on Larry King Live Tonight maybe he will answer a longstanding question, "When did he resign from Naval Intelligence?"

Take a look at Len Colodny's letter to the editor of the Tampa Trib and his website.

Dear Ms Goudreau,

There is a lot wrong with Journalism, but Woodward goes way beyond that. Ask him why he lies about his Navy career or his lying about briefing Al Haig in 1969? You can read and see for yourself the sources are there and on tape at there are more pages of material on the real "Woodward" than anywhere else on the net. Including an exclusive 90 minute interview I conducted with him in 1989. You can read and judge for yourself.

I only wish he was a journalist, not a front for the right wing military for the past 35 years. Your editorial lumps him in with a lot of good journalists that actually work at the job, and are very ethical. When Woodward actually tried to work as an editor at the Post, one of his reporters had to admit she made up a false story and return a Pulitzer Prize. Another Woodward edited story caused the Post to be sued by the President of Mobil oil and they lost at trial. Judy Belushi sued him after he wrote the book wired, He settled. Woodward also forced one of his young reporters to write a false story in order to force a sources hand, and release material the source had refused to release on his own. Finally the Post sent him off to a safe place where he could write books (Although everyone knows he does not even know how to write, he needs a caddy for that)

I guess I am shocked that you at the Tribune seem so upset with Woodward, for those of us that know him well, this was something that was consistent with what he has done over the last three decades. Just Woodward being Woodward. Should you find the time to check the site above you will note all my sources are named. That is the right way to conduct investigative reporting.

I have pride in what we do, so I hope you understand my passion for the truth.

Thanks for at least taking Woodward to task, even if we do not see it exactly the same way.


Len Colodny


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In reflection to what Cheney said (his delusional mind) about defeated insurgents not too long ago, maybe it is the White House Administration that is in its last throes of governance!

The sooner you Americans can get these killers out of office the sooner we can patch up our differences and resume our neighbourly ties once again. There are many Canadians that are deathly scared of what menace Bush et al may cause and we will salute you people that oust these pigs of is the only way America will regain its place as a compassionate country, not a marauding state that is seen as Bush's Empire...

Like Saddam's statue being tore down, I see Bush's likeness torn down ala day he too will sit behind bars...and, Argentina will extradite Bush or hand him to the people...I believe he would prefer the protection of the bars. LMFAO

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