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The Purpose Prize: People in Encore Careers Solving Social Problems

The Purpose Prize
A $100,000 prize for people in their encore careers who are inventing new ways to solve social problems.

Ten people over the age of 60 will win in 2010. Nominate yourself or someone you know. Deadline: March 5.

5 tips for nominating someone for The Purpose Prize

1. Learn about past Prize winners to see what we look for. (Click here for a list of 2009 winners.)
2. Nominate someone (possibly you) who switched careers, is tackling a social problem and has plans to expand.
3. Tell a story: What was the "Aha!" moment that propelled your nominee in a new direction?
4. Describe the nominee's impact. What has your nominee accomplished that others should know about?
5. Listen to this podcast for tips on how to create a winning nomination. Read more.

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