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Can't Find Reporters, But They've Got a Columnist!

The War President
The New York Times

VIENNA--In this former imperial capital, every square seems to contain a giant statue of a Habsburg on horseback, posing as a conquering hero.

America's founders knew all too well how war appeals to the vanity of rulers and their thirst for glory. That's why they took care to deny presidents the kingly privilege of making war at their own discretion.

But after 9/11 President Bush, with obvious relish, declared himself a "war president." And he kept the nation focused on martial matters by morphing the pursuit of Al Qaeda into a war against Saddam Hussein.

In November 2002, Helen Thomas, the veteran White House correspondent, told an audience, "I have never covered a president who actually wanted to go to war" - but she made it clear that Mr. Bush was the exception. And she was right.

Leading the nation wrongfully into war strikes at the heart of democracy. It would have been an unprecedented abuse of power even if the war hadn't turned into a military and moral quagmire. And we won't be able to get out of that quagmire until we face up to the reality of how we got in.

Let me talk briefly about what we now know about the decision to invade Iraq, then focus on why it matters.

The administration has prevented any official inquiry into whether it hyped the case for war. But there's plenty of circumstantial evidence that it did.

And then there's the Downing Street Memo - actually the minutes of a prime minister's meeting in July 2002 - in which the chief of British overseas intelligence briefed his colleagues about his recent trip to Washington.

"Bush wanted to remove Saddam," says the memo, "through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and W.M.D. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." It doesn't get much clearer than that.

The U.S. news media largely ignored the memo for five weeks after it was released in The Times of London. Then some asserted that it was "old news" that Mr. Bush wanted war in the summer of 2002, and that W.M.D. were just an excuse. No, it isn't. Media insiders may have suspected as much, but they didn't inform their readers, viewers and listeners. And they have never held Mr. Bush accountable for his repeated declarations that he viewed war as a last resort.

Still, some of my colleagues insist that we should let bygones be bygones. The question, they say, is what we do now. But they're wrong: it's crucial that those responsible for the war be held to account.

Let me explain. The United States will soon have to start reducing force levels in Iraq, or risk seeing the volunteer Army collapse. Yet the administration and its supporters have effectively prevented any adult discussion of the need to get out.

On one side, the people who sold this war, unable to face up to the fact that their fantasies of a splendid little war have led to disaster, are still peddling illusions: the insurgency is in its "last throes," says Dick Cheney. On the other, they still have moderates and even liberals intimidated: anyone who suggests that the United States will have to settle for something that falls far short of victory is accused of being unpatriotic.

We need to deprive these people of their ability to mislead and intimidate. And the best way to do that is to make it clear that the people who led us to war on false pretenses have no credibility, and no right to lecture the rest of us about patriotism.

The good news is that the public seems ready to hear that message - readier than the media are to deliver it. Major media organizations still act as if only a small, left-wing fringe believes that we were misled into war, but that "fringe" now comprises much if not most of the population.

In a Gallup poll taken in early April - that is, before the release of the Downing Street Memo - 50 percent of those polled agreed with the proposition that the administration "deliberately misled the American public" about Iraq's W.M.D. In a new Rasmussen poll, 49 percent said that Mr. Bush was more responsible for the war than Saddam Hussein, versus 44 percent who blamed Saddam.

Once the media catch up with the public, we'll be able to start talking seriously about how to get out of Iraq.



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The NY Times news desk and editorial board may be totally gutless, but Krugman and Herbert have been fighting the good fight for over three years.

When Iran cried and prayed for us on 9/11, Bush spit in the face and now that the President of Iran has offered to talk, again he has slapped his offered hand away. They have every right to be bitter. What gives us the audacity to believe people cannot change for the better or that Christianity is the only path to God? You don't burn bridges. Again, we have set another kettle boiling and yet call ourselves a superior country? You people do not represent, support, or protect what I believe for my country's best benefits. The top priority should be working at uniting with other countries against the Bin Ladin [terrorists] and for that we need all religious paths possible. What hypocrites our alleged representatives make the people of America look like.
Additional note: This is the first war in our history that has not boosted the economy of this country. Maybe for the corporations, but sure in hell not for the people.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

The legacy of this centuries GOP, will go down in history, as the most contemptible of all time.

The most evident sign, that a government is politically desperate, & faltering, is when it enacts unspoken policies, that attempt to detain it's own people, and stymie free speech.

'Democracy, Freedom, & Truth' under the Bush Administration, is merely a fabricated facade, like the ones found on a Hollywood movie set. Seemingly realistic, but once you open a door, the visual senses that made it seem all so real, vanish in an instant.

The American Public, is finally waking up, with eyes wide open, realizing, that the current administrations unethical, morally righteous puritanical preaching, in-your-face lying, & wanton, greedy destruction, of an integrity, this once adored Nation, celebrated all over the world, are demanding it be restored, NOW!!!

Liberties lost, at what cost?

When a Government's arrogant political agenda, takes liberties, with our liberties, systematically eroding, & replacing them, by fanning the flames of "FEAR," the pinnacle question we should all be asking ourselves, is, Whom should we Really Fear?

We have not yet learned, nor risen from the ashes, of the dogmatic soul wrenching universal destruction, that has been a historical record of our past.
There is an undercurrent of perpetual, dangerous, & devastating agendas, caused by a number of extreme radical, self appointed 'demigods.'

In the face of an ongoing perfect storm of controversy, lies, deceit, temptations, greed, dishonesty, etc., the time for implosion, is imminent.

~Mekah Gordon, Ph.D., L. E.~
© 2006 Mekah Gordon, All Rights Reserved

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