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An Open Letter to Leon Panetta

It is clear that the most dangerous and sickening crimes being committed by the US government are being directed by the CIA. The CIA poses the biggest threat to US national security and the security of the planet. The US Constitution and international law must be used to ensure security and enforce justice.

An Open Letter to Leon Panetta

Dear Mr. Panetta:

We are writing you to express our anger and dismay at the criminal and sadistic actions of the Central Intelligence Agency. There is overwhelming evidence that your organization and its front companies are guilty of the most supreme crimes against humanity. These include but are not limited to destabilizing and overthrowing elected governments, drug smuggling, child prostitution, and of course, orchestrating illegal wars of aggression. The latter was done under the pretext of eliminating a shadowy terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, which was in fact created by your own treasonous agency.

Perhaps the most sickening of the CIA's crimes is the systematic torture of human beings. Not only do you and your colleagues engage in this cowardly act, you attempt to cover up the crime through destruction of evidence and control of the media.

Your agency has been directing criminal activity from its inception, and the present is no exception. The CIA justifies its current ramp up in crimes against humanity (the global war on terrorism) on the events of September 11th 2001. No serious discussion about these events can be had without acknowledging that the CIA was both criminally negligent and criminally complicit in the attacks. Again, your agency covers up its role through the infrastructure of Operation Mockingbird which the CIA uses to control information available to the public. Senior legal counsel for the 9-11 commission, John Farmer, stated that the commission report was based on lies from the CIA and other government agencies. This exemplifies your institution’s bread and butter which is deception.

US taxpayers fund the CIA. This is ironic because evidence shows the actions of the agency cause -- both directly and indirectly -- the biggest threat to the security of the American people. Instead of protecting US citizens, you and your colleagues use us as a shield and a spear to benefit the global elite in banking, arms, and energy.

The agency’s continual violations of the US Constitution, international law, and human dignity demand accountability. You and your colleagues have committed treason and must answer for your crimes. In order to restore the rule of law (the US Constitution), the leadership of the CIA needs to be brought to justice. Using history as the best guide, tribunals similar to Nuremberg must be planned.

Documented facts and love of country have led us to the conclusion that you and the vast majority of your fellow agents are fugitives from justice and we will work tirelessly to restore the rule of law and enforce justice.

Chris Dorsey

Cindy Sheehan

Scott Creighton

David Swanson

John Heur

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Also a copy of this letter will be sent to congress. Chris Dorsey, Justice Enforcement League

If you are interested in adding your name to the letter contact me at Thanks Chris Dorsey, Justice Enforcement League

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