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John Kerry on ABC says to bring the troops home!

John Kerry on ABC says to bring the troops home!
Sussel, After Downing

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Former Presidential nominee John Kerry spoke with Dianne Saywer on abc news. During this interview, he defended Congressman Murtha and defended the peace movement. He demanded that a minimum of 20, 000 to 50,000 troops be sent home immediately.

Furthermore, he held the President accountable for sending the troops to war unprotected and still not protecting the troops to this current day. Yes...he even called the President's actions, "Incompetent!"

He held the President and Dick Cheney and the Republican war supporters accountable by reminded them that it's not the "questioning of the war" that is demoralizing to the troops!

Instead, he reported what demoralize the troops is being sent to war without enough equipment, without enough personel, and no competent plan to end the war. And sadly, those same conditions still apply today.

Senator Kerry presented a plan as did Congressman Murtha and though these plans may differ in small degrees, the best result has happened. People are actually paying attention to all of these plans now and the discussion has moved off of the single notion to stay the course, and moved towards the Peace movement's idea of bringing the troops home.


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John Kerry doesn't have any standing to say bring the troops home. He voted for the war and 1 year ago he said that he would vote for the war again knowing what we knew in November 2004. He also said that the military should be adding another 60.000 bodies in his campaign for President. Spineless is the word that comes to mind.
Don't count on the Dems to become peace mongers all of a sudden; they are worse warmongers than the Reps. In Holland all the talk by Dems in the last few weeks is called "talking out of the back of your neck" i.o.w. selfserving garbage.
There are a few exceptions in the Dem party as there are in the Rep party that show promise. Time will tell, but please no John Kerry or this Clinton person!

Old talking point.

Get with the program!


You are a troll. You throw out rightwinged t.p. like the toilet paper tp stands for!

So get lost you stinky uneducated thing you! AND turn off the CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBC, and MSGOP and you might discover the truth about Kerry and all dems.

Kerry, Murtha, Edwards, Feinstein, Kucinich, all rock!

Senator Kerry did NOT vote FOR war. His vote was to give President Bush the authority to use the threat of war. The vote gave Bush the power to go to war, yes, but only if all other solutions were exhausted. Bush promised our senators that he would use that power to go to war only as a last resort. In retrospect, Senator Kerry regrets giving Bush that power because it was misused. Bush curtailed the inspections because Hussein was not cooperative. Look back: everything Bush said and did to antagonize Hussein was designed specifically to elicit non-cooperation. Translation: Bush had his mind set on war and was only going through the motions of pursuing a diplomatic solution. Bush lied to our senators and to the American people.

Blaming the senators who voted to give Bush the power to wage war is not productive, especially if they now publicly admit the vote was a mistake. The power to go to war did not have to be used and Senator Kerry's words on the Senate floor very strongly urged a diplomatic solution, not war. The power given Bush could have been used as a deterrent. It gave him a very big stick. He didn't have to use force: holding the stick was enough to let Saddam Hussein know that our country meant business. Our senators and our people were lied to. President Bush didn't want to disarm Hussein: he intended to attack Iraq all along.

There is a reason that we do not allow children to have weapons. That reason is maturity. An adult is supposed to have the maturity to know when the use of force is called for and when it is not. President Bush was not, in retrospect, an adult. Our senators gave Bush a very powerful weapon, believing that our President was an adult. It is a reasonable assumption, or it was at that time, to believe the President of the United States is a mature adult. We now know better.

Amazing we are even still having to clarify this, isn't it? Is this not the billionth time it has been reiterated that Kerry and THE VAST MAJORITY OF CONGRESS voted to give authorization to use war as a last resort in the event that weapons inspectors discovered Saddam WAS concealing WMD's? The resolution was presented as such when put up for a vote, and though Bush was lying and misleading as usual, congress voted on what they were given, at face value.

It's difficult to believe that there are still those who claim not to understand this very simple and often repeated concept. I think beating this dead horse is less about being genuinely ignorant about the IWR and what it meant, and more about just stirring the pot for whatever reason.

Of course Kerry is not "pro-war." Voting for the IWR resolution at a time when the bill was introduced as a "last resort" plan makes him no more "pro-war" than supporting the availability of safe legal abortions makes one "pro-abortion." Let's not use misleading "all or nothing" lingo to attempt to skew the Senator's position on IWR the same way the right-wing does to skew our position on EVERYTHING.

First of all, Poster #1, Kerry did NOT vote for the war. He voted to authorize the so-called president (whom Kerry mistakenly thought could be trusted) to wage war on Iraq AS A LAST RESORT. Kerry stated that the weapons inspections must continue, and also that the US must not go into the war (if war proved necessary) without the support of other nations. Bushco went in immediately and unilaterally.

In principle, Kerry stands by his decision to authorize a president to wage war when our national security is threatened. That is what Kerry and the other senators who voted for the IWR believed was happening. They believed Bushco's lies and thought Iraq was on the brink of attacking the US. Now that Bushco's lies have been exposed, Kerry regrets believing the lies and trusting that the president and his cohorts would stand by their AS A LAST RESORT promise. Kerry regrets his yes vote on the resolution but stands by his belief that in emergency situations that threaten our national security, presidents should have the authority to act.

As for Kerry supporting the use of more troops, he believed that since the war was already waged, we should send in enough troops to win and be done with it.

Anything else you need cleared up?

Don't you wish these trolls would blame the liars instead?


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