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Marcy Winograd Fights For Working Families

Dear Friends,

When I married Marcy Winograd, I knew she was a former union supporter, like me, with Cesar Chavez's United Farmworkers Union. As a veteran union-side labor lawyer, I admired Marcy's deep commitment to improving the lives of working families. After all, she had volunteered in the sweltering grape fields of Delano, California to expose unsafe working conditions.

What I didn't know was that I would be proudly writing this letter today to urge you to support my wife's courageous congressional challenge to an incumbent who has turned her back on working families.

Help support Marcy's challenge to Jane Harman by contributing here.

Professional politicians talk every day about working families and how they’re going to help them. Marcy's opponent is one of these professional politicians – time and time again promising to focus her energy on the working families in her district.

The truth - Jane Harman’s voting record betrays working families:

  • Making it harder for those caught without jobs or with ill health to get out of bankruptcy
  • Making it easier for credit card companies to raise rates
  • Making it harder for those facing foreclosure to modify their loans & save their homes
  • Pushing jobs overseas through so-called fair trade agreements that are less than fair for American workers
  • Making it more difficult for breast cancer patients to obtain medication

    End Jane’s reign in DC. Contribute to Marcy Winograd’s campaign here.

    My wife Marcy Winograd is a mother, a teacher and union member, and congressional candidate who is ready to take on the special interests dominating today’s politics. Her devotion to working families isn’t just talk – she’s been fighting for fair treatment of workers and protection of consumers for many years and has been endorsed by community college union members in her district.

    As a Democrat, Marcy knows we have a responsibility to create jobs here at home, to protect the ones we have, and to ensure that those not fortunate enough to be one of the richest members of Congress have basic protections against corporate abuse and bad luck.

    We need a community advocate in DC who listens to the people in her district. Help support Marcy’s outreach here.

    In 2006, in a three month campaign with very little advertising (and a bit of my blogging), Marcy took 38% of the primary vote. Four years later, with your support, we can successfully finish what we started.

    Jane Harman once said she was flattered to be called “the best Republican in the Democratic party.” What’s clear today – more than at any point in the past – is that we don’t need quasi-Democrats diluting worker and consumer protections. We need real Democrats. Not a bunch of Lieberman-style Blue Dogs who resist needed reform: the change we voted for in the epochal 2008 election.

    Marcy would immediately push to freeze foreclosures and invest in programs that would make Southern California the epicenter for green technologies – expanding the talent of aerospace into development of rapid transit and renewable energy.

    Marcy would fight for:

    • tax credits for job creation
    • wage subsidies to put America back to work
    • investment in schools to prepare our children for the future economy
    • community-based public sector jobs, building playgrounds, cleaning up abandoned property, creating food co-ops & farmers markets

    Please help support this needed change in DC and in the 36th. Contribute here or Volunteer here.

    Ira "Buddy" Gottlieb

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