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Lila Garrett of KPFK Interviews Rep. Kucinich & David Swanson, Who Appears Tonight in Marr Vista!

Listen here.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich tells us what happened to his amendment to allow States to select Single Payer Healthcare no matter what plan the Congress comes up with. The Kucinich Amendment was passed by the House but did not appear in the final bill. The Whitehouse stopped it. We ask, for what reason? And with such hobbled Healthcare bills coming from both the House and Senate how do we get to Single Payer from here?

What about Afghanistan? More troops? No troops? Something in between? The President is holding the world in suspense waiting for his decision. Meanwhile, what's in store for our people and theirs in that ravaged country? Former head UN weapons Inspector Scott Ritter joins us for that discussion and the launching of “”...a new, much needed program.

And David Swanson previews his new book Daybreak. How much "change" has Obama, the Prophet of change, delivered? What does the future hold? Should our 200 year old Constitution be rewritten? Think big! Do we actually need a Senate or a Supreme Court?

Swanson, a consummate political analyst, also appears in person tomorrow night (Monday Nov. 23rd) at St. Bede's Church 3590 Grandview in Marr Vista. The evening is moderated by Marcy Winograd and Lila Garrett of (Host of CONNECT THE DOTS) KPFK 90.7 FM in LA; 98.7 Santa Barbara. Listen here.


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