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Bob Woodward also received leak

Bob Woodward also received leak of Valerie Plame's name and CIA status one month before Novak wrote about it. Is he another Judith Miller turncoat?
by John in DC - 11/15/2005 11:34:00 PM

UPDATE: Josh agrees about Woodward's apparently ethical lapse needing some explaining.

It's beginning to sound a lot like an intentional effort to disclose who this woman was.

It's also beginning to sound a lot like Bob Woodward is becoming our next Judith Miller. His repeated rants in defense of this administration, and against the special prosecutor, certainly take on a very interesting edge considering Mr. Woodward didn't bother disclosing that he was quite involved in this story, and was hardly the impartial observer his silence suggested he was. Not to mention, he knew all along that HE TOO had received the leak, suggesting that a clear pattern of multiple leaks was developing, yet he still went on TV and said that all of these repeated leaks were just a slip of the tongue?
Woodward, who is preparing a third book on the Bush administration, has called Fitzgerald "a junkyard-dog prosecutor" who turns over every rock looking for evidence. The night before Fitzgerald announced Libby's indictment, Woodward said he did not see evidence of criminal intent or of a substantial crime behind the leak.

"When the story comes out, I'm quite confident we're going to find out that it started kind of as gossip, as chatter," he told CNN's Larry King.

Woodward also said in interviews this summer and fall that the damage done by Plame's name being revealed in the media was "quite minimal."

"When I think all of the facts come out in this case, it's going to be laughable because the consequences are not that great," he told National Public Radio this summer.


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Hi, Bob Woodward:

It's me, Mort Twain. This is the most curious thing I've ever seen. You seem to have turned from a Wood into a Bush. Either way, you're a shrub.
And you seem to be hiding some strange new affinity for Bush and Cheney and Miller and Libby. You of all people.

Do they have something on you, Bobster? The nation is not in a good mood. The reason is treason, and we don't like it one little bit. The American people have been out back in the shed sharpening up their Bush-trimming shears and they can prune back bad wood and overgrown bushes faster than you can turn over a new leaf.

Why are you throwing away a career of respect and dignity in such an obvious, partisan fashion? Very, very curious, my friend.

You've been grinning like a Tim Burton creation after revealing that you got some inside information on the Plame case ... you're trying to get Scooter free. Do you need money that badly? It's very odd. You couldn't be defending these oil racketeers because you've suddenly found God. They are, in fact, the antichrist, and somewhow you are now on the payroll. What on earth is THIS about?

During this Bush frenzy of released evil, all kinds of spooks and spirits have been unleashed from the underworld. Whoever would have thought that Bob Woodward would write a book on Bush and suddenly put on a black cape and fly throught the ether of evil on their behalf.

How very, very strange and spooky.

It's me, Mort Twain. Am I the only one who is horrfied over giving the bulk of Iraq contracts and subcontracts to the vice president's company? No-bid contracts. Contracts where they can keep the outrageous overcharges. Contracts given after the great corporate corruption scandals. Pure arrogrance. Falsified statements for war ... and then, HALLIBURTON gets the spoils? And, they are so arrogant they didn't care ... they actually rushed the contracts to Halliburton. No explanations. No apologies.

No one in the administration saying, "Oh, we can't do that, it could question our motives." Unless those were, in fact, the motives.

Why is no one connecting this rather large dot? The pure elitism of it. The grotesque conflict of interest. The final merge of the military-industrial complex in a blatant way that would make Eisenhower cower! (the same Einsenhower who gave ANWR to the people of the United States as a pristine wilderness).

Why is there not one single story about Enron's Ken Lay and his endless delay to justice? Bush's friend, "Kenny Boy." The media just parrots back the White House line, "Oh, it's a very complicated case." It's not that complicated. In fact, it's obvious. They have delayed Ken Lay so that the man who helped "make' George Bush is never brought to justice and then a pardon should justice happen.

Martha Stewart has been tried, convicted, served prison time and been back to annoy us while Ken Lay is free and his crimes were a lot more serious than just a fallen souffle. In fact, he started the entire United States economic collapse from which most middle class Americans have never recovered.

Why does there always seem to be a George in the Bushs whenever the dots are connected and a money trail is drawn ... from the Hinckley oil family the son of whom shot Reagan, to Halliburton, to Cheney's energy commission and rising oil prices, to Enron and Ken Lay, to the Bin Laden family being given safe passage, etc, etc, etc. A lot of bad stuff seems to happen in the Bushs.

Georgie. Just a nice Texas oil monarch who knows how tough it is for us to put food on our family? (his words, not mine). Wake up America and smell the high treason!


P.S. Even Einsenhower never dreamed that a sitting American president would even have his own news network to control the content and spin of his actions.

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