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Detainee Abuse by Marines and Navy Seals


* Former U.S. Army Interrogator Describes the Harsh Techniques He Used
in Iraq, Detainee Abuse by Marines and Navy Seals and Why "Torture is
the Worst Possible Thing We Could Do" *

With deep remorse, former U.S. Army interrogator Specialist Tony
Lagouranis talks about his own involvement with abusing detainees in
Iraq and torture carried out by the Navy Seals. He apologizes to the
Iraqi people and urges U.S. soldiers to follow their conscience.
Lagouranis returned from Iraq in January and until now had given no live
interviews. But Lagouranis says he now feels it his duty to speak out
about what he witnessed in Iraq:

- His use of harsh interrogation techniques on prisoners in Iraq
including dogs, sleep deprivation, prolonged isolation and dietary
- How Navy SEALS induced hypothermia by using ice water to lower the
body temperature of prisoners.
- Serving in Fallujah and going through the clothes and pockets of some
500 dead bodies to try and identify them.
- The corpses on men, women and children in Fallujah, which had been
lying in the streets for days and had been "eaten by dogs and birds and
maggots," were then stacked up in a warehouse where U.S. soldiers ate
and slept.

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* Headlines for November 15, 2005 *

- Alito: "The Constitution Does Not Protect A Right To An Abortion"
- Senators Reach Compromise on Guantanamo Detainees
- FDA Rejected Sale of Morning After Pill Prior to Scientific Review
- Report: CIA Used Spanish Airports for Secret Flights
- Palestinians Given Control Over Gaza Border w/ Egypt
- Chalabi Meets With Cheney and Rumsfeld in DC
- U.S. & Brazilian Governments Sued Over Killings in Haiti
- Leading Native American Writer, Vine Deloria Jr., 72, Dies


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