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U S Labor Against the War - Update

1. Disunity Threatens Iraqi Labor's Resistance to Occupation, by David Bacon
2. Who Owns Solidarity Center? by Harry Kelber
3. U.S. Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq
4. In the Name of Democracy: American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond by Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler and Brendan Smith
5. Condemn war in Iraq and lobby to withdraw soldiers: United Steelworkers Resolution

1. Disunity Threatens Iraqi Labor's Resistance to Occupation, by David Bacon

Excerpt: The targeting of trade unionists is a particularly alarming feature of life in occupied Iraq. According to the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, "the torture and murder of labour leaders in Iraq has become a troubling trend in a country where trade unionists still operate under anti-union legislation which dates back to the Saddam era." Despite these assassinations and the deterioration in security, however, the effort by Iraqi unions to win legal status and recognition has grown stronger over the past year. From the increasing power of the oil workers in the south to the campaigns in factories in Baghdad and the north, Iraqi workers continue to organize unions and strikes in the face of attacks from the insurgency on the one hand, and by the occupation forces on the other. (Read the entire article at: See also: and this: )

2. Who Owns Solidarity Center?: LaborTalk (November 9, 2005) "Is AFL-CIO¹s International Solidarity Center A Subsidiary of the U.S. State Department?" By Harry Kelber

Excerpt: ".a well-kept secret about Solidarity Center is that it receives 90% (nearly $30 million) of its annual revenue from U.S. government agencies, but gets less than 2% ($600,000) from the AFL-CIO. These figures are from Solidarity Center¹s 2003-2004 Annual Report.

You may wonder why the State Department and other agencies of the federal government lavish such huge sums of money on the AFL-CIO, which is otherwise under constant attack by the Bush administration. While Solidarity Center keeps its relations with the U.S. government secret, it surely must supply some paybacks to the government for the millions of dollars it receives to keep it in operation. The State Department is not known for zeal in promoting international labor solidarity, so it must demand other advantages which the Center is apparently committed to supplying." (Read entire article at:

3. U.S. Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq

Veteran admits: Bodies melted away before us. Shocking revelation RAI News 24. White phosphorous used on the civilian populace: This is how the US "took" Fallujah. New napalm formula also used. (Read entire article at:

["Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre" Video available at Warning: The scenes in this video documentary are truly shocking beyond description and establish incontrovertibly that Bush & his gang are responsible for war crimes in Iraq that equal those in Vietnam.]

American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond. by Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler and Brendan Smith

The possibility that high U.S. officials may be guilty of war crimes and may be preparing to commit more raises questions that few Americans have yet faced. These questions go far beyond technical legal matters to the broadest concerns of international security, democratic government, morality, and personal responsibility. (Read entire article at:

5. The following resolution on Iraq was passed unanimously by the IEB of United Steelworkers on August 10, 2005: Condemn war in Iraq and lobby to withdraw soldiers.

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq nearly 2,000 American soldiers have been killed and over 13,000 have been wounded. The dead include Steelworker members and family members of Steelworkers. Estimates of the number of Iraqis killed exceed 100,000. Wars are fought by working class young people and our brave sons and daughters in uniform are making a tremendous sacrifice and they and their families deserve our support. They also need our government to see that they are properly equipped with the best available protective body gear and armored vehicles. (Read entire resolution at:


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