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Counter Recruitment December 6th


ENDORSED BY: Pablo Paredes, war resister; David Airhart, Iraq War vet
and Kent State student facing expulsion for peaceful counter-
recruitment; Tariq Khan, George Mason University student assaulted for
peaceful counter-recruitment; Charles Peterson, Holyoke Community
College student assaulted for peaceful counter-recruitment; Traprock
Peace Center; Anthony Arnove, editor, Iraq Under Siege and co-editor
with Howard Zinn, Voices of a People's History of the United States

* Say No to the Solomon Amendment!

Campus Anti-War Network is calling for actions around the country to
show the federal government that they cannot intimidate schools for
kicking out military recruiters. On December 6, the Supreme Court will
hear the FAIR v Rumsfeld case (brought by several universities), which
will decide whether schools can ban military recruiters wihout losing
federal funding. Currently, the Solomon Amendment allows the government
to cut off federal funding from schools that ban military recruiters.
This policy forces schools to accept military recruitment, even though
the military's anti-gay "don't ask, don't tell" policy violates
university anti-discrimination policies.

* Bring the movement for COLLEGE NOT COMBAT to a recruiting station
near you!

On Dec 6, when the Supreme Court hears FAIR v Rumsfeld, students will
hold protests at military recruiting stations across the country,
including in San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York
City, and many other cities. In Washington, D.C., a press conference
and demonstration will take place outside the Supreme Court.

This action comes amid increasing revelations of the horror of the Iraq
occupation. Recent video footage shows that the US used chemical
weapons (white phosphorus) in Fallujah, laying bare the lies
about "weapons of mass destruction." Occupation is not liberation. On
December 6, we refuse to let the military recruit young people to kill
and die in a war based on lies.

December 6 is also the one-year anniversary of Navy petty officer Pablo
Paredes' refusal to board his ship in protest of the war, which sparked
a national campaign that displayed and strengthened the growing refusal
of soldiers to fight this war. Recently, the counter-recruitment
movement won a victory in San Francisco, where 60 percent of voters
approved a proposition to oppose military recruiters in schools and
support scholarships to counteract the poverty draft, which targets the
poor, and people of color.

Let's mobilize on Dec 6 to counter the military's ability to wage its
illegal war and to support the right of universities to oppose military
recruiting on their campuses.

Say No to the Solomon Amendment!

We welcome all organizations to endorse this day of action or to
sponsor it with us. If you want to endorse, or you want to organize an
action in your area, email and check out our
website at



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