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Movement takes Bush to task

June 23, 2005

WASHINGTON - An online movement of bloggers and political activist groups is trying to keep the Downing Street memos in the public eye and stoking support for a congressional investigation.

The memos, sent among top British foreign intelligence officials, state that President George W. Bush was predisposed to going to war with Iraq and "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

The After Downing Street movement wants Congress to examine whether Bush's path to war is grounds for impeachment.

The movement began three weeks ago, about one month after the first of eight memos was leaked to the British press. Within the first three days, the site received a million hits from 10,000 different people.

"I've never been involved with anything that was this easy, that took off this fast," said co-founder David Swanson, who served as press secretary for Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) during his presidential campaign. "We are simply tapping into something that a huge percentage of Americans want action on and they haven't been seeing elsewhere."

Another co-founder, attorney John Bonifaz, helped plan the hearing Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) held on the memos last Thursday and helped gather about 560,000 signatures for the letter Conyers gave to Bush afterward.

The letter, questioning the accuracy of the memos and the decision to go to war, had the support of 123 members of Congress.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) has agreed to draft a call for an investigation that doesn't mention impeachment.

Neither Bush nor Blair has disputed the authenticity of the memos. But critics of the movement say the memos can't be trusted because they aren't transcripts of discussions but merely British officials' impressions of those talks.

The memos are being politicized, said Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Besides lacking objectivity, he said, they were sent between British officials and have nothing to do with U.S. policy. "I think it's being seized upon by opponents of war as a sort of political football," he said.

Swanson and other co-founders lean left, but say they are not connected to the Democratic Party and they say their movement is bipartisan. Many military families and veterans groups involved are Republican, Swanson said.

The movement's other co-founders are Steve Cobble, a progressive political strategist; Bob Fertik, president of, which employs Swanson; and Tim Carpenter, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America.

Public support for the war has been waning. It is now at 39 percent of Americans, according to a weekend Gallup poll. But the impact of the Downing Street memos is unclear, said Gallup pollster Frank Newport.

About 60 percent of Americans are opposed to the war, most because they think the rationale was unfounded. Many others cite poor planning.

No poll has been done to test whether opinion would drop further if people believed the rationale and planning were faulty on purpose, as the memo suggests, Newport said.

The members of the movement think it would, and they encourage citizen activism to get the word out - including local events, donations, volunteer work and messages to politicians and media outlets.

One hope of the movement is that the mainstream media covers the memos so well that people no longer need alternative sources like, Swanson said. The media might be reluctant to cover the memos because they are embarrassed they didn't dig up the information before the war, he said.,0,6483481,print.story


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It is interesting to see you and your friends got all of this togeter so fast... kind of like a quick response to an impeachment...I am seriously wondering wether or not you planned this whole activity in advance. The allegations, the swell of all Democratic support etc... it won't be long before you and this effort are scrutinized for "RICO" - type activities.

We better stop the investigation now! Anonymous is scaring me. :heh:

Keep up the great work folks. We have a very long road ahead of us.

Hmm. It looks like glib sarcasm is the only defense that Bush supporters can muster. Interesting.

From a legal, constitutional standpoint leaving Iraq and ending this sensless war is not little George Stupid's decision any more than starting the war was his decision to make. Only congress has the constitutional power to declare war and therefore has the power to end it, the most obvious way is for congress to cut funding for the war, no money no war, screw little George, he is ilrelevant.

Granted the odds of congress actually cutting funding for the war are only slightly better than congress impeaching little George; but that is not stopping us from screaming impeachment, lets start screaming "no more war funding" also!

I so appreciate all you have done please do not let this drop. If you need a signature I will be glad to sign whatever you need so there is an investigation. I will continue to follow this web page.

I agree completely, keep this investigation open. I am glad to see more and more people are starting to see the reality. George set this whole horrible mess in motion,,,,when or how will it end

Keep this investigation going.This has been the most corrupt administration of my 82 years.Bush and Chaney make Richard Nixon look like a saint.Chaney's Halliburton Oil gets billion dollar contracts without a bid and then doesn't even deliver. Iraq was never a threat to the USA and I am so tired of 9/11 and terrorists when the world knows it was Bin Laden of Saudi Arabia . I am still waiting for the Pres. to keep his promise to hunt him down. I think he believes if you tell a lie long enough that people will believe it.

Recently Dick "dont confuse me with the facts" Cheney is quoted as saying that the insurgency in Iraq is in it's "last throes:.

He would now like to correct that unfortunate statement, what he really meant to say is that the Bush adninistration is in it's last throes; thank you for the correction Dicky.

I have been keeping up with your group ever since I read Greg Palast's commentary on the war in Iraq. Congress, George Bush, they're all scandalous hacks, killing off our young generation. Rock on! I'm also happy to see that Dennis Kucinich is still out there swinging hard. I voted for him in 2004, I wish more folks out there did, he'd be our president now and we've have no need for this blog, but alas.

Information about the "memo" came to me first through NPR news, radio. I followed it there for awhile and waited for a response on the air or in the US media, TV.........and nothing came......until TV showed the gathering of people, including Washington politicians, to pursue investigating the memo and talk about impeaching the president..........and nothing significant seems to have come from that either. I say that because I have yet to see any national attention to the issues here. At some point I believe I heard that a British reporter who had the memo, contacted the US national press with it AND THERE WAS NO RESPONSE! As an American I continue to be appalled by this press reaction.......and about almost everything that is going on in our own country and in the world community that is initiated and carried out by this administration. I think democracy is still supposed to be a government of, by and for the people......and that our representatives are supposed to do our bidding, not their own. And it is from that position and belief that I say no, not in my name, to so much that has and continues to go on. This is not partisan. This is beyond politics. In this arrogant, willful environment I'm afraid as an American. Terrorists are an external problem and can be dealt with, but I wonder if the internal problem of the corruption of our values, laws, moral and intellectual foundations can be dealt with quickly enough to prevent further erosion of our respect for ourselves and by our neighbors the world over.

Even before the Downing Street minutes became public I already knew the reason for invading Iraq were bogus. This Administration is well aware of it's actions since the begginning. It is long overdue for the whole Congress to stand up and do it's job. It is our job to let Congress know that if it doesn't then maybe they should not imply to serve and we should get new representation. Toay I got some hope that the press will start doing their jobs and start asking the tough questions. I am speaking on the refusal of the White House (Mr. McClellan)press to comment on Karl Rove.

Great work folks, i'm a big fan of seeing americans openig thier eyes to the true workings of our internal political workings like georgie and the powers-that-be behind him drag our country furthur down the road of disgrace. As ASlyswine said this is a long road and we need to open the eyes of america so keep up the good work!

With the risk of sounding monotonous, keep up the fight! I am based in the UK and I am seeing all my worst nightmares about the consequences of illegally invading Iraq come true. The least we can do is to bring Bush and Blair to book! Mr Bush and Mr Blair are today's Hitler and Mussolini, and the inpeachment OF BOTH can only help!


there are too many questions about 9-11. Why did NORAD take 1 hour and 45 min wait too send a jet. payne stewarts plane only took 15 min. could it be they did not want to intercept on 9-11. How did Bldg. 7 collaps when it was never hit by plane it only had fires. How come there were reports about fire fighters hearing explosions while they were in the bldg. Why did Silverman take out a new insurance policy on those bldg. 2 months prior to 9-11. Why does the media ignore these questions. in yet they reserve 90% of there news to michael jackson trial. speaking of pedopiles how is it that all the news about senator Dekamp from nebraska winning a court verdict for a boy that was in a sex slave brothel for republican (up and comer) larry king, was swept under the carpet. The boy won a 1 million dollar verdict. Also the recent suicide of Hunter Thomas that he was involved in a child snuff movie that was also linked to senator Dekamp case. inwitch the boy testified that Hunter Thomas filmed the murder of a 12 year old boy. This will never see the light of day in the news media because several of the pedofiles were reported to be senators and congressmen.

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