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Everlasting Evidence

By David Swanson

According to Reuters:

"National security adviser Stephen Hadley told CNN's 'Late Edition' that Bush relied on the same intelligence that his predecessor Bill Clinton saw and that 77 of 100 senators used in 2002 to back Bush on the use of force in Iraq."

Why didn't he demand updated intelligence? And why did Bush's reliance on this "evidence" take such a catastrophically different course?


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According to a Congressman on the Intelligence Committee---He now believes the Bush Admin fabricated their intelligence. Before the final vote in Congress, this Congressman and 10-14 others in the Committee were taken to the Pentagon for an Intelligence briefing. (I can't remember the specifics only the overview of what he said, so someone please research.) The Congressman stated that he and the 10-14 others were briefed by Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, with intelligence officials present from various agencies. Rumsfeld showed them slides of what he claimed was a surveillance photo of a full working WMD factory. The Congressman said he questioned him thoroughly. Q-Are you certain this is a fully operational WMD factory? Q-Is this a recent photo? Both answers were "YES". Plus consider this corroboration from an expert who worked at the center for satellite surveillance of Iraq--he was present the day that the Bush Admin took over the center, they kicked out the government photo experts, and put in their own people. Plus--of these new workers--(at least) most were inexperienced--one saw a photo and believed it was an indication of weapons--but the leaving expert said NO, that's a school bus! (Before leaving he tried to help him identify signs of civilian life).

You will note that the talk shows have nothing to do with reality and everything to do with preception. They want to fool the masses and the masses want to be fooled. I don't know why. Perhaps it is just easier to believe that we are doing the right thing even when it is murder and mayhem. At least we are pro-lies -- oops -- I mean life.

Plus Bush had the "lie factory" stuff (hardly evidence) fabricated and cherrypicked at Cheney/Rummy creation, the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans (oh let's just call it what it really is > the PNAC-OSP). Not to mention Bush's speech based on the now infamous Niger Forgeries ... thanks to Joe Wilson we know the BASIS of Bush's lying 16 words (BTW, isn't that what Plamegate is all about!?)

These Neocon rats are finally so knee-deep in their own lies they're tripping over them like Pinky and the Brain for all the world to see!


To be fair to Russert, it would have been impossible for him to correct Mehlman every time he lied during his appearance yesterday. Fitzgerald, and his whole team of lawyers couldn't have kept up with his litany of falsehoods. There were just so many lies in rapid fire. He did however correct Mehlman when he tried to link 9/11 and Iraq. Also interesting that Mehlman stated that "there are people out there saying that Bush lied, people died". Well we know that they are at least watching!

He just looks and sounds like a non-stop lying machine! He was spewing such blithering balderdash at such lightening speed I busted out laughing. That poor man has issues! Gosh, that's the best GOP can do?


I predict this latest cover-up attempt won't make a dent in Bush's falling popularity poll numbers.

Clinton Administration and prominent Democrats believed Saddam had WMDs

Who Is Lying About Iraq?
A campaign of distortion aims to discredit the liberation.

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