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Capitalism: An Apathy Story

Capitalism: An Apathy Story
By Cindy Sheehan

This Thursday, in a move that would make Baron von Louis Rothschild blush with shame (or burst with pride), Goldman Sachs will announce that it is more than doubling its bonus pool: from 11 billion in 2007 to 23 billion in 2008.

I always thought the concept of the “Welfare Queen” was eliminated during the Clinton Regime (where his SecTreas was a former chair of G S) however, Goldman Sachs has received billions of dollars in taxpayer welfare and supposedly paid that back, except for the 13 billion that was funneled through AIG to Goldman through loan guarantees.

Well, wouldn’t it be hunky dory if every loan we consumers took out from these banksters came with a guarantee that if we failed, our government would pay our loans off?

To diffuse any citizenry guillotine brigades, the Chairman of G S says that one billion dollars of that money will be given to charity, without specifying which charity it will be going to, probably Billionaire Overseas Villa Fund, or something like that. Well, empty rhetoric or the shiny keys of Madison Avenue hocus-pocus glitz are not fooling me any more. However, I don’t think much PR spin will be needed around this newest bonus outrage. There may be some international hell to pay, though, since 19 of the other G20 countries were rightly concerned about the image that out of control bonuses lends the already tarnished state of Robber Class deviltry, I am concerned that the threatening dumping of the dollar will begin to commence in earnest after this round.

Most Americans don’t even give a poop, which is incredible to me since almost 1 out of 4 of us who want work can’t find any and every 7 ½ seconds someone in this country will lose their homes in the continuing carnage of the bursting of the Federal Reserve-Goldman Sachs-AIG housing bubble.

Congress will make some squeaks in Goldman Sachs’ direction and The Laureate will say something like: “This is not acceptable,” then he will go forward in total acceptance and obsequiousness to his masters that put him in power.

What will the American Public do?

I am afraid that Goldman Sachs doesn’t even have to make the empty gesture of one billion dollars in charity because no guillotine brigades will march down Wall Street.

When Goldman Sachs wins the Nobel Prize in Economics next year, we will become mildly annoyed and then yawn in the best American tradition and go on allowing the Robber Class to steal us blind, hoping that there is another juicy divorce or celebrity death that can distract us from reality.

The Robber Class doesn’t frustrate me nearly as much as the Robbed Class. Robbers will be Robbers only as long as we in the Robbed Class let them.

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Ah yes Cindy, you tripped upon PNAC/AEI/etc and their NPO abuses years ago, so you know firsthand that a "charity" is not really a "charity" by any other name!

So how CAN a war-mongering conspiracy become a "charity"? Easy, the criminal cabal just jumps through a few NPO loopholes, files IRS tax exempt status, funnels "donations" from other "foundations" and VOILA > its a fund-raising "non-profit educational organization" "to promote American global leadership." Reference.

I wonder if just any NPO (like quilting bees, soccer clubs, youth campouts, etc) can promote war violence like a mob hit and get away with it, such as the illegal foreign lobby AIPAC, which is also a tax exempt "charity"?

Apathy aside, all it takes are just phone calls to the Dept of Justice at 202-514-2000, and not even by thousands or millions of us, right? ...just ONE of us can pick up the phone to the Dept of Justice and report PNAC, AIPAC, and a myriad of other PNAC spin-offs that are in blatant open violation of RICO and IRS tax laws, not to mention treason and anti-terrorism laws, ...right??? :
Committee for the Liberation of Iraq
Project on Transitional Democracies
Foundation for Defense of Democracies

PNAC's parent organization:
New Citizenship Project (NCP)

And an "unrelated charity" that happens to have same phone # as NCP :
Philanthropic Roundtable (*snicker*)

And the infamous "foundations" funneling funding for PNAC:
Bradley Foundation ($500,000)
John M. Olin Foundation ($50,000)
Scaife Foundations (Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation ($50,000)

Yeah, right...Al Capone must be rolling over in his grave.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

Foreign Policy Initiative

This latest PNAC spin-off is infested with military contractors like all the others:

Foreign Policy Initiative

"The Foreign Policy Initiative is a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group (FPI) that was founded in early 2009 by several high-profile neoconservative figures. The group is similar in its aims and operations to an earlier neoconservative-advocacy initiative, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a now defunct letterhead organization associated with the American Enterprise Institute that played a singular role in advocating the U.S. invasion of Iraq after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. [1] As a successor to PNAC, FPI is devoted to promoting an aggressive U.S. security posture in the post-George W. Bush era..."

There is only ONE ENTITY that is Constitutionally vested to declare and fund wars, and that is Congress:

War Powers Act.

It was easier, back in the day, when March of Dimes and UNICEF were the traditional charities.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

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