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Call Your Senator And Urge A Yes Vote For The Bingaman Amendment

By Armando, Dailykos

Please call your Senators and urge them to vote for the Bingaman Amendment regarding habeas corpus at Guantanamo Bay. If you agree, please call your senators, and ask them to vote for Jeff Bingaman's S. AMDT 2517 to bill S. 1042.

Hilzoy and Katherine at Obsidian Wings have a long series explaining why.

I also agree with the New York Times:

It certainly is a relief that the Senate is finally getting around to doing the job it so shamefully refused to do four years ago, after the 9/11 attacks: requiring the administration to follow the law and the Geneva Conventions in dealing with prisoners taken by the military and intelligence operatives.

But what started as an admirable attempt has become a tangle of amendments and back-room deals . . . On Thursday, the Senate passed a measure that would deny foreigners declared to be "unlawful enemy combatants" the right to a hearing under the principle known as habeas corpus, which dates to Magna Carta. Instead, the measure would mandate an automatic review by a federal court of the status of the inmates now at Guantánamo Bay and any future prisoners of that kind. It would exclude coerced confessions from that review, and place important new controls over Guantánamo operations.

These safeguards . . . are long overdue. . . . The Senate should adopt [Senator Graham's his proposal for a federal court review of detentions, preferably by a huge margin, and the House should follow suit. . . . But we cannot support Mr. Graham in trying to rewrite the habeas corpus law. The habeas petitions are not an undue burden. And in any case, they are a responsibility that this nation has always assumed to ensure that no one is held prisoner unjustly.

. . . We'd rather see the Senate delete the suspension of habeas corpus from Mr. Graham's measure now. Some constitutional principles are too important to play around with.

This is precisely what the Bingaman Amendment would do and that is why I strongly urge you to contact your Senators and urge their support for the Bingaman Amendment.



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