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VIDEO - Senators Roberts and Rockefeller Debate Pre-Iraq War Lies

Guest blogged by David Edwards

From today's edition of Fox News Sunday:

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I never saw any of the "intelligence" that our esteemed congressional representatives saw and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were under no threat from Iraq. I was slightly surprised that they could not find anything whatsoever in the way of WMD. I had heard so many lies, it just did not seem possible that there was nothing at all.

Isn't Chris Wallace a sad spectical. He can't do anything but spin. That is why it is so important for Democrats to join together and introduce articles of impeachment. We need an investigation so that the American people can view the lies that they have been told.

Mr. Roberts said that Congress authorized Bush to institute "regime change." I don't believe that is what was authorized. Why is this man lying on Fox News? Need I ask?

While I watched this video, I kept saying why don't Mr. Rockefeller call the host on his one sided talking points drilling of this debate. Does this resemble "Fair and Balanced?" Fox, like the upcoming CNN, has a way of tilting and masking their interviews to favor this administration's talking points. With these thoughts in mind, I would refer you to watch any of the CNN highlighted news cast. I am sure, if you keep count, there is "funny math", as it relates to "Fair and Balanced." It is for reasons exampled in this video I would support any effort to reform the American media. Whether the media wants to acknowledge their complicity in the propaganda that led us into this war is yet to be seen. Any honest and practical person can see the full dynamics associated with the facts leading up to this war. Why we go around and around like this, sometimes debating the truth as if it were an opinion, is beyond me. There may be some light at the end of this debate, for the Democrats displayed some fight as of late. The Democrats move to force debate on the the dynamics leading us into this war shocked all of us, even the Republicans. We need only hold out for the assembly of facts and data needed to bring unanswered questions concerning this war to full focus.


after reading the above comment by the moron, it's clear that none of the republican's can stomach the fact that their 'hero' took this nation to war for no reason other than his own desire to avenge his daddy. Let's face it, had the guy above actually read the DOWNING STREET MEMOS and realized that this administration is so corrupt and scummy that it gleefully sends everyone ELSES kids to war for Bush's misguided "god told me to do it" hallucinations (documented by the BBC and inadequately rebutted by the administration), he wouldn't be writing such tripe as "oh, lets get the facts first" crap. How many more soldiers have to die, mister, while you stupid 'ostreich' morons pull your heads out and look at the facts?? another 2,000?? How many?? Better yet, why don't all you republican fools 'suit up' and get your asses over there and fight your hero's war for him, quit volunteering everyone else's kids to do the dying for your corrupt sleazebag election rigging bastard president!

C'mon, republican moron idiots. your guy lied. he's a murderer. get over it and do what is right for the nation for a change, eh?

if you keep on bleating about how all the facts are not in yet, you are as delusionally mentally ill as your mentor, Dubya is.

Some of these moderators talk more like interogators. Many put those who question the government on the defensive while not challening those lying for the administration. They're like stupid frat boys who have absorbed what it takes to be popular and are just walking parrots for the "in" line of talk.

I'm convinced that the main stream media is no better that the gossip tabloids. In many cases they are less reliable. At least the tabloids aren't afriad of telling the truth about Bush's drinking. That's a problem which should be of grave concern to the country.

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