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Are We out of Time?

Afghanistan may be the final nail in the coffin of our republic. President Obama is now rethinking his campaign position about going into this poor and war ravaged nation. He has sent in more troops, but reports seem to indicate that he may slow down and consider the fact that Al-Qaeda is not in Afghanistan. This is a problem, if your justification for going into a place is to “Get the Bad Guys.”

I just wrote another article about “Westmoreland” becoming a verb. The cry from this general during the Vietnam war was just give him more troops and he would win in Vietnam---wrong, didn’t work and we now have that experience to guide us here. All the stupid warmongering statements of condi, mccain, and lieberman will not change the fact that we are killing Afghans because the bad guys are gone. General Petraeus should be fired or transferred to lead a security detail for Sarah Palin, watching Russia.

Sixty six percent of dems do not want more troops to go to Afghanistan, 51% of all citizens do not want a troop surge, so why? We should and must say, 8-9 years is enough. Let the Afghans settle their differences and maybe we can help from the outside with reconstruction of the devastated country. They need jobs, schools and some national economy that does not include drugs. We have many tools to use in our effort to secure this country, war is not working and never will. The sad part for all Americans is that they will feel this one; we cannot afford a good healthcare system while still running these occupations and wars.

All progressives need to stand up and say no to any more advancement of troops to Afghanistan, or Iraq. They must come home and it is time for peace loving Americans to stand up. It is time. The major news outlets must finally give us real news and call for an end to “Empire.” The unions must tell our president that we need jobs and not wars, they are part of this progressive movement to end our spending on things that kill. Politicians must tell the American people that we have to start closing our overseas bases or say to the host country, we have a base in your country so your can open the same size base here in the US. That would wake up many fence sitters! The French in Florida, the Iraqis in Texas, the Afghans in Mississippi---what a hoot that would be. What ya think, can we fit 1,000 bases in the United States that are owned, operated and controlled by foreign governments? Fair is fair! I forgot Cuba.

We have lost the Peace Movement to the democratic party and that must end. If you cannot say that the occupation in Iraq, the planned escalation in Afghanistan and the slaughter in Gaza comes out of the same mentality of, “If it bothers you kill it,” then get out of any leadership role in the peace movement. You may be a wonderful person, but you have been brain washed and just damage the peace movement. If you cannot call for the occupation of every Congressional Office until DC comes to their senses get out. If you think President Obama is going to solve all our problems, get out and let a real progressive take your place to lead our stand against endless wars and occupations. It Is Time!

Thousands of people have lost their jobs, been put in jails, cursed at, ridiculed, and made to feel the fool for calling for justice and accountability, they are our heroes and should be honored in everyway possible. We must keep the pressure on and understand that the dems have the power now and the republicans are dying a quick political death. If you cannot “Sit In” at a democratic office and you have occupied a republican’s office you may just be a Cocktail Liberal. If you find it easy to call for the impeachment of bush and his dick but can’t do that for obama and his mouth, then you are a cocktail liberal and should just go to parties/meetings and give money to noble causes. The time for real action is now, if not now----it may be too late.

Every call to action must have a direct action component to it, there are many levels of activists that go to demonstrations and you must understand that getting together and listening to speeches is boring and only accomplishes making us feel good. If you are going to call for a demonstration you must also confront that which you are protesting against. We just did a combined demonstration with Single Payer supporters and Public Option supporters, it was good it you just wanted to meet people who think--but as a show of power is was a bust. We gathered and listened to 4 or 5 people give speeches, walked around a bit and went home. What should have happened was only two people should have given speeches, and those who were ready should have walked into the lobby of the Insurance company and sat down in the lobby or wherever we were stopped. We should have stayed until the police arrived and warned us we would be arrested it we did not leave. That is the point where those who want to leave could have and those who wanted to make the point that the insurance companies must be confronted would have stayed a bit. That is what a protest is about, you make the recipient uncomfortable. There are many who cannot risk arrest and that is fine, there are those who can be arrested and that should always be an option. The only way a protest is effective without direct confrontation is when you do it for a long period of time. We have many ongoing protests here in Portland that are very effective because each time the protest takes place new people will witness the event of those who stand for peace. However, a major march without direct confrontation is a waste of time and resources and must end.

My hope is that those of you who call for the next demonstration will also call for direct action, I will be there with you; but call for a march with permission and no direct action--call someone else.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice
VVAW, Veterans Against Torture

Justice for all, privilege for none!
The republican party is so corrupt it makes the democratic party almost acceptable

National Peace Groups must call for the occupation of all Congressional offices

**Refuse to capitalize due to disrespect/disappointment or both

Hopi Indian prayer: "We are the ones we have been waiting for."


Sen. harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away!



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