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Dick Durbin Tees Off

By Arianna Huffington

Getting ready to take my 14 year old to school this morning, I turned on C-SPAN 2. “Oh, no, not C-SPAN 2 again,


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This is a Democratic Senator standing up for his convictions. Maybe another President from Illinois?

Senator Durbin would doubtless make a fine president. I thank him for his great speech and wish him well.

Well... now that an interim payment is due, in order to keep the Republic of our mythical past, G. Washington, Mr. Jefferson, Light Horse Harry Lee were remarkable people in the dead past or even in the unfolding, living future....

Some Historical Inferences Have Played Out in this Sobering Season:

It was a remarkable event, the fall of a middle-sized German County into an abyss of Nazi insanity, down became up and up became down. We have already seen the way a People(s) can devolve into one ideological quicksand pit to another... sinking yet another inch for all the wasted struggle.

So.... why is this important?

When I was at "war" (1969-72) in SE Asia, a 550 KIA (our guys) month got a toast, which consisted of emptying a 151 Rum down the throat. I don't remember hearing monthly KIA, wounded, etc. from anywhere in camp. But, there was LIFE and Newsweek and Time and the Overseas Times in Europe...

We knew we had a better than average month in the way our nagging guts
got attention, roiling and rolling, then we would comment on the particular month in question and all agree that our instincts are attention.

So I have had a hard time adjusting to this phenomenon (2,000 KIA since the first nano-second of the invasion)

Back to the Right wing-nuts.. they are a slippery lot, they give eels a bad name for being able to squiggle out of the crap they author and implement, read: foist on the rest of us!

It is time to hold their feet to the fire (metaphorically speaking)and make 'em tell the truth. The so-called "lower or toiling or peasant or serf or plebs romanum...some 'pollois" have been cleaning up the wealthy Carpet Baggers messes from time immemorial. So wht's new here except the right to maintain our civil liberties on the side of the mountain, well secured, while we wage the next struggle in Anytown, USA (your town).

So, this time... forget the "heal the nation" crapola to pardon this cabal of fools, defining their actions to remind us of the harmless behavior of some neighborhood youths engrossed in Hallowe'en pranks.

The right-wingnuts need to be seen in jailhouse orange, shackled to one another and trussed up like a recently killed large fowl. Maybe this time we won't have to re-fight the same battles to keep what we already gained, freedoms that are evolving into our Biology even as we speak.

There is a God, so these thugs will soon find out there is also a hell.


As both a soldier and an "EconGuy" you must be doubly troubled by the ongoing misadventure. In the long term (perhaps not so long) it looks quite likely to produce macro-economic consequences that it was intended, at least partly, to avoid.

Would you care to estimate when the U.S. dollar will lose its world reserve currency status. So much for imperial grandeur.

This man should never be allowed into the United States. He should be intercepted and diverted to Guantanamo or one of the alleged prisons in Eastern Europe. What sort of insanity is this?

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