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Just say it, damnit! Resign. Now.

Eli Stephens

Left I on the News

The New York Times
says we can't take three more years of Bush, but they seem to lack
knowledge of recent history, the guts, or both, to come to the obvious
conclusion: Bush must resign. Now.:

President Bush's disastrous visit to Latin America, it's unnerving to
realize that his presidency still has more than three years to run. An
administration with no agenda and no competence would be hard enough to
live with on the domestic front. But the rest of the world simply can't
afford an American government this bad for that long."

Like so many, the Times wants to turn their attention to Dick Cheney as the "real" culprit:

place to begin is with Dick Cheney, the dark force behind many of the
administration's most disastrous policies, like the Iraq invasion and
the stubborn resistance to energy conservation. Right now, the vice
president is devoting himself to beating back Congressional legislation
that would prohibit the torture of prisoners. This is truly a
remarkable set of priorities: his former chief aide was indicted, Mr.
Cheney's back is against the wall, and he's declared war on the Geneva

Look, I bow to no one in thinking that George
Bush is a complete moron, and not the brains (if we can use that word,
which is admittedly dubious) in the Administration. But Bush does have
the power, he is the President. Whether it was Cheney's
idea, Bush's, or Karl Rove's, does anyone think that if Bush didn't
agree with the idea of fighting the prohibition of torture, that Cheney
would still be up on the Hill lobbying for it, having told Bush to
"stick it"? Please. Bush may be dumb, but for sure he is enamored with
power -- everything he says, everything about his body posture, screams

And even when it comes to Cheney, the Times claims that "Mr. Bush cannot fire Mr. Cheney." Legally, no. But he sure as heck could ask him to resign, and the Times could as well (as with the President, there's precedent for Vice-Presidents resigning too, as us nattering nabobs of negativism well remember).

Well, the Times won't say it, but I will. Resign. Now. Bush and the whole bloody lot.

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The resignation proposal is well grounded in merit, but what is the next step? Install tweedledee for tweedledum? C. rice is as big a bullshitter as W. A special oversight committee would have to be created just to keep an eye on the default(republican) administration stand-ins until the next election. We agree with your idea, but there must be a plan to avoid jumping from the pot into the fire.


Re: The Times, " Mr.Bush cannot fire Mr. Cheney" does not sit well with the historical record. When VP Spiro Agnew "resigned" you can damn well be sure it was because Mr. Nixon fired Mr.Agnew. The moment VP Cheney's enemies in the White House smell the opportunity they will move in for the "kill" i.e. his resignation & then his replacement. It's happened twice before & we have the 25th Amendment to help the process along. There is very likely a sinister twist awaiting the sinister Mr.Cheney.

When was the last time you saw a murderous, psychopathic, totally out of control 'dictator' ever resign?? They never resign. they have to be bodily dragged off their throne and tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. That's what needs to happen to this antichrist who
has the coke slackjaw and the mental capacity of a piss ant...judging by his inability to even finish a sentence coherently and make any sense.

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