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Lula Calls Obama About Honduras and Colombia

Brazil Calls for Stronger U.S. Action on Honduras
Xinhua (China)

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called U.S.
President Barack Obama on Friday, in a bid to ask for a
stronger U.S. action on the Honduran issue, local media

According to Lula, a less tolerant attitude from the
United States would not only facilitate the return of
ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to his position
but also contribute to improve the U.S. relations with
South America.

"The President said that this is not about the U.S.
interfering in Honduras," said Brazilian Foreign
Minister Celso Amorim.

However, according to Amorim, the United States are in
condition to put an adequate amount of pressure over the
new Honduran administration since the country's economy
is highly dependent on the United States, thus the U.S.
attitude may make a difference in the matter.

President Lula also believes that the Organization of
American States (OAS) can increase the pressure over the
post-coup Honduran government.

According to Amorim, President Obama said that there
will be an OAS mission to Honduras in the next few days,
after which he and President Lula will evaluate any
decisions to be taken.

Zelaya has won wide support from a number of Latin
American countries since the June 28 coup that threw him
out of office and forced him into exile.

But the day when Zelaya to restore power seems remote as
the interim government remains reluctant to compromise
under international pressure.

President Lula also suggested a meeting between
President Obama and the South American Union countries
in order to discuss the U.S.-Colombia military
agreement, which has been causing a lot of controversy
in the continent. Obama has yet to respond to the

Brazil Calls Obama over US Bases
BBC August 21, 2009

Mr Lula has said that the "climate of unease" in
Latin America disturbs him

Brazil's leader has called on US President Barack Obama
to meet South American leaders to calm fears about the
US military presence in Colombia.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva expressed his concerns in a
phone call to President Obama, Brazil's foreign minister

He wants guarantees that US troops will be restricted to
fighting drugs and terrorists within Colombia only.

The US and Colombia are finalising an agreement to give
the US military greater access to seven bases.

'Winds of war'

Brazil's Foreign Minister Celso Amorim said President
Lula told Mr Obama it was "very important" that he
attend a South American summit in Argentina starting
next Friday.

The Unasur meeting has been specifically called to
address the Colombian bases issue.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried
to calm fears by saying the US would not establish its
own bases and would not increase troop levels in
Colombia, where 800 US soldiers and 600 US contractors
are already based.

Mrs Clinton said the accord would respect Colombian
sovereignty and other countries would not be affected.

Venezuela and Ecuador had expressed fears the move
amounted to preparation for an invasion of their
countries by US forces.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned that "the winds
of war were beginning to blow" across the region.

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The most under-reported story is the fact Obama is moving troops into Columbia under the auspices of fighting drugs,

Marilyn Gjerdrum

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