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The Treason of Eric Cantor

By Chris Dorsey

I could not help laughing at the irony when I received an invitation to a job fair put on by Eric Cantor whose policies have destroyed American jobs to benefit multi-national corporations. I was not surprised. Cantor showed no shame when he exchanged money with known child predator Congressman Foley while simultaneously portraying himself as a family values Republican. And he exemplified this verbal diarrhea when he compared Congressman Jim Moran to Hitler merely because Moran correctly pointed out that the AIPAC lobby had too much control over US foreign policy. All the while, Cantor – whose voting record in support of illegal wars of aggression, torture and illegal wiretapping violates the Nuremburg Principals set forward to punish Nazi war criminals -- seems to want the US government to repeat the crimes Nuremburg tried to prevent.

Eric Cantor does the bidding of multi-national corporations and foreign governments like Israel and carries out the agenda of billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Adelson donates gobs of personal money as well as funds from the Interface Group which is the largest campaign contributor to Cantor. Adelson spends millions lobbying for the continuation of the illegal occupation of Iraq and pushing for military aggression against Iran.

Unfortunately, Cantor has a long list of treasonous co-conspirators in government as well as the private sector. Many of the institutions participating in the job fair are guilty of treason against the American people. The list of employers hiring reads like a “who’s who” of known terrorist groups such as the CIA, FBI, DIA and the DEA. These groups carry out crimes against the US Constitution and the people of the world. The leadership of these pawns of the corporate structure are guilty of treason.

The Military Industrial Complex is represented as well. Producers of weapons of mass destruction, Boeing and Northrop Grumman always need workers because 51 cents out of every US tax dollar goes to military spending. (Not to mention the money NG is stealing from the tax payers of Virginia). This is also why every branch of service will be out trying to find Americans to help carry out the terrorist agenda of the multi-national Banking, Arms and Energy industries that control the US military.

The thieves in the so-called Health Care Industry will also be at Cantor’s job fair. Despite having more per capita spending than any other country, they leave America ranking behind all other industrialized nations in life-expectancy. And last but not least, Dominion Energy will be there. This company destroys the planet for profit making its CEO Tom Ferrell an eco-terrorist.

I urge Patriotic Americans to infiltrate these un-American institutions to work to enforce the Constitution and convict its leadership of treason. This will save lives and restore the Constitution which has been suspended by the criminal inhabitants of our government.

I am requesting a meeting with Cantor to address these issues. I will request that, like our meeting with Congressman Scott, the meeting with Cantor be videotaped. A friendly suggestion to the 7th district’s current congressman: like Congressman Scott, bring legal counsel.

Here is part 1 of our meeting with Scott:

See more videos of that meeting:


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Thanks for reposting our mtg with Scott. Am guessing you read the Rove column and response from Simpson here? We've come not a long way and glad no one here is giving up.

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