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Letter calls for inquiry into Washington Post story on CIA jails

By John Byrne, RAW STORY

Senior Republicans are pushing for an investigation into who revealed the existence of secret CIA prisons overseas for "high-value" al Qaeda suspects to the Washington Post, RAW STORY can confirm.

The Post reported on the existence of secret U.S. prisons in Eastern Europe Nov 3. The Bush administration has not commented on the report.

The letter follows.

November 8, 2005

Honorable Peter Hoekstra
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
United States House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

Honorable Pat Roberts
Select Committee on Intelligence
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Hoekstra and Chairman Roberts:

We request that you immediately initiate a joint investigation into the possible release of classified information to the media alleging that the United States government may be detaining and interrogating terrorists at undisclosed locations abroad. As you know, if accurate, such an egregious disclosure could have long-term and far-reaching damaging and dangerous consequences, and will imperil our efforts to protect the American people and our homeland from terrorist attacks. Read More...


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Yes, it's all bad. Leaking what you're not supposed to leak. But here the Republicans are trying to regain ethical and moral authority by once again attacking others for doing what they essentially are doing daily. Destoying our country. They are lying thugs not interested in the American people as a whole or in their well being as a whole. By now it has to be painfully obvious that whatever this gang of hacks is accused of, they find a way to go on the offensive to attack others for doing what they are accused of. In the name of the majority of this country, we have to finish decoding their plan book so the mainstream American can see through these games. There are a very few of them that just take different shapes in different situations. But they are basically, 1. accuse those who attack you of doing the very thing you are accused of. 2. Do it louder , more obnoxiously and more often. 3. Use money and dishonesty to make sure you can do up the media in all forms for this purpose. 4. Never apologize because people forget quickly ...just "loook bizzy"
5. Do as much of your dirty work in secret as possible. shhhh. 6. Claim the moral high ground continuously and loudly. ala sex offenders. Sex offenders are famous for leading squeeky clean lives and often talking about their moral outrage at others behaviour. It keeps people from looking at them too closely. God help us all. It is so time to beat the drum, sound the alarm and wake up as Americans. Oh yeah...Bush says "we" don't torture. That is 1. an attempt to link himself with us so that because you and i don't want to be torturers, we'll just let it go. He's parasiting on us. 2. It's a legalize for......we only order the torturing, don't actually DO it. Same thing unfortunately.

On CNN Lott seemed sure the leak came from a republican Senator. What was in Priest's article came right from a meeting the republicans had with Dick Cheney. How ironic the investigation will be about a republican.

funny how the repobulicans are so bothered about the leak rather than the crime of secret prisons around the world. If only they cared so much about the leaking of CIA agents identity...

The thing that gets me the most about this story, as typical as it is for this day and age, is the Republicans don't show ANY concern about the existence of these prisons - they are only concerned that it got leaked to the public. What a country we've become. May their attitude about this take them one more step down the road to political oblivion.

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