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Holder's George W. Bush Conflict of Interest

By Dana Jill Simpson

For months we have been trying to get down to the bottom of why Eric Holder would not really investigate the cases of Mr. Siegelman, Mr. Scrushy, Mr. Minor, the two other judges in Mississippi, and Charles Walker. Well, I finally have the answer. I got it from writing my Greg Craig article.

I got a tip and I researched it and boy was I shocked at what I learned. Seems Mr. Holder before being selected Attorney General of the United States of America worked for a firm called Covington and Burling. The tip I got was that the firm had a very important client. His name was George W. Bush. And they represented a very important organization. I am sure ya'll may have heard of a client called the Republican National Committee. I was in shock when I checked it, and it was true.

My favorite research item I ran across is when they were protecting the RNC from having to turn over Karl Rove's emails that were run on the RNC Servers. It shocked me. Plus I found it mighty interesting that AG Eric Holder never enlightened anyone about his conflicts of coming from a big Washington DC lawfirm that represented the Republican National Commmittee and George W. Bush in the 2000 election contest.

But then it all made sense to me he would have had to have had appointed a special AG to be over the Stevens case, over the Tobin case, and over the Kott case, and Over the Abramoff/Feeney case, but if he just kept his mouth shut maybe just maybe no one would catch him dismissing all those cases. Which no one did until the tip came in. It has long been reported that the expenses in those cases were picked up by the RNC. That same RNC paid AG Holder's law firm. That same law firm then paid AG Holder over 2 million dollars last year. Shame on AG Holder. He had an ethical duty to tell the citizeens of America he had a conflict in investigating all these cases and all the tortutre cases. He tried to ignore it or hide it instead of doing the right thing and getting out of the cases.

Additionally he has ignored to date all the Democrats in this country who are complaining and have proof that they were politically targeted by the RNC and Karl Rove. And he has not done the right thing and asked President Obama to appoint a special counsel, all along knowing he had a conflict because of his firm's representation of the RNC. Since Holder has done all this he should be immediately removed from this position of power. Innocent men are in jail and he has played games.

The United States citizens should have the right to know when their AG has a conflict and that the AG has a professional duty to tell them and take appropriate action. Mr. Holder failed on doing the right thing as AG. He should be removed. If you doubt me, google Eric Holder and Covinton and Burling. Then Google Covington and Burling and George W. Bush, and also google them and Karl Rove and RNC Emails. Shame on you Holder; you are caught.


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