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It's about time

Concord Monitor
JAMES MUSUMECI, Concord - Letter

Congratulations to the Senate Democrats for opening up an investigation into the manipulative lead-up to the Iraq war. The claims of WMD and ties to al-Qaida were disproved before we went to war, and now public opinion widely understands this truth.

Even if we were concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, there were far greater humanitarian crises at the time of war than those in Iraq. So even the excuse of a humanitarian crisis is not credible.

After the release of the Downing Street memo and knowledge that the CIA leak case reached deep within the White House, it is time for a thorough investigation. Only by getting to the bottom of why intelligence was so badly used will we be able to restore our national pride and dignity at home and the trust and respect of the international community.

The hundreds of billions of dollars being spent in Iraq can be better put to use reducing the deficit, reducing the mortgage on our children's future that financing the war has caused and addressing the serious environmental threats facing all life on earth.

My only concern is that the Senate took so long to act.




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Sorry, but I don't. They're all going to look bad in this, so they're all going to CYA.

Will the call Ray McGovern or Larry Johnson? Mike Sheuer, Richard Clarke? How about James Bamford, to find out how he learned so much that is now proving to be correct regarding our extra-intelligence activities?

Will we see Douglas Feith laid bare, along with Stephen Hadley and John Bolton?

I think the Dems are just acting tough to quiet the growing unrest in their base. They'll bluster and sputter, and do not a damned thing, I fear.

I don't trust the Dems either, but right now they are all we have.

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