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John Bonifaz Spoke Yesterday at Event in Massachusetts

PHOTO: John Bonifaz, Co-Founder of After Downing Street, and Rep. Jim McGovern

By Progressive Democrats of America

The 18th Century home of Dierdre and Cristobal Bonifaz on Maple Street in Conway was the settling November 5th for their son John Bonifaz’s announcement that he would explore a 2006 run for Secretary of the Commonwealth. About 60 friends, neighbors, and relatives were on hand.

Asked why he would seek the secretary post, he pointed out that it is a role which matches the efforts in which he has been involved for a number of years. Mr. Bonifaz was counsel to parties in the 2004 recount effort in Ohio, after which he testified before Congress. He expressed interest in serious campaign finance reform and restoration of public financing of elections in Massachusetts, which had overwhelming public support but was then eliminated by the legislature. He is mindful of the critical electoral role Secretary Katherine Harris played in Florida, as well as that of Secretary Kevin Blackwell in Ohio in 2004.

Mr. Bonifaz serves as general counsel to the National Voting Rights Institute which he founded. With Tim Carpenter of Florence he co-founded, an endeavor supported by veterans and peace groups seeking a congressional investigation into whether George W. Bush committed impeachable offenses in the run-up to the Iraq War. Mr Carpenter is Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America and John Bonifaz is a member of the advisory board of that organization.

Later Saturday both participated at a forum on the Iraq war at Turners Falls High School, Montague, sponsored by PDA. State Democratic Chair Phil Johnston presided over a panel that included Congressman Jim McGovern of Worcester, Anita Deutsch of the National Priorities Project, and Kevin Lucey, whose son Jeffrey's suicide after serving in Iraq was attributed to post traumatic stress disorder. While Ms. Deutsch focused on war spending and what that means to each of our towns, Mr. Bonifaz spelled out some of the impeachable offenses he has detailed in his book Warrior King:the Case for Impeaching George W. Bush.

Bonifaz is a 1992 cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and maintains a private practice with his father Cristobal Bonifaz, specializing in international human rights and environmental law cases. Beside him at the announcement of his candidacy was his recent bride Lissa, who is member of the faculty at Leslie College, Cambridge.

Other forums, sponsored by PDA, are scheduled around the state in the coming weeks.



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