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Unindicted Co-Conspirators

By Steve Bhaerman

The Republican Party has righteously painted itself as the “party with convictions,


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"Not sees."
It CAN happen here.

Keep up the fight against ignorance, corporatism and rightwing insanity.
Impeach Bushco.

Break up those media conglomerates. Anti-trust laws and redo the telecommunications act. DEcentralize out of the hands of GE and other special interests. It's too much of a conflict of interest situation. And join the ACLU. The vehicle already exists for the legal challenges and the staff has years of good experience and many successes.

A coalition between all these groups, with representatives from each to strategize for both immediate and long-term action. Interim summaries and calls for feedback from membership. I think it's important to triage the list of issues at first to concentrate on getting these goons out of office. There already exists a consensus on that point. People can pursue their wider agendas once this cris(es)has passed.

Let the damned oil industry HUSBAND those resources instead of draining the earth dry and raping the planet as hard as they can. Petroleum produces so MANY useful byproducts. So they don't rake in the outrageously big bucks in large waves of "panic" and real distress (by the way, I think that 75% of those big profit increases should be used for some serious clean-up and development of cleaner technology). Just because someone's inordinately greedy is no reason the rest of us should sit still while they rob us and our home.

I agree with Mr. Bhaerman's analysis of the breakdown of democracy in this country, but not with his solutions -- I think they're too organizational, programatic, sequential.

I would substitute the idea of "networking" for "union." Groups like are making a difference and there are LOTS of them. Another of my favorites is, the activist evangelical Christian site.

I don't think establishing a new network will cut it, either. Better to expose media bias to the light of day and hold their feet to the fire. Also, I'd like someone to discredit Fox News.

Finally, the Administration is no longer able to "suck all the oxygen out of the room" with their own spin on the news. There's too much garbage out there, and the great mass of media is turning its spotlight on the mess. It takes time, but it's working.

Let's write letters, make phone calls, send e-mails. Millions of people doing those things can't be shut out forever.

The Citizens' Union is a great idea!

It addresses the core problems: That the "free" press and "Democratic" Party we've relied on have turned on us, and now represent the interests of the billionaires that own the corporations.

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