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Holder Joins Conyers in Demanding Action

By David Swanson

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has called on Attorney General Eric Holder to open a criminal investigation into the misdeeds of former president George W. Bush and former vice president Richard B. Cheney.

Holder, in turn, has now called on Conyers to open impeachment proceedings against former head of the Office of Legal Council Jay Bybee, now a judge in the Ninth Circuit.

Conyers, in response, has demanded that Holder open a complete investigation of 14 different areas of criminal enterprise and appoint an independent counsel, offering a list of eight possible candidates.

Holder, in reply, has insisted that Conyers reissue all of the subpoenas his committee has failed to enforce over the past two and a half years and use the Capitol Police to enforce them at once.

In response, Conyers' office has issued a new report on the need to weed out corruption and undo politically motivated prosecutions by the U.S. Department of Justice.

This morning, the attorney general remarked at a televised press conference, "Chairman Conyers proposed five months ago to extend to 10 years the statutes of limitations on crimes allegedly committed under the previous administration. Introducing a bill might be a way to begin making that happen. Just an idea. I'm no expert."

Surprisingly, John Conyers removed a large Easter bonnet that had been disguising him, stood up in the back of the room and shouted: "Mr. Attorney General, the former vice president of the United States confesses to authorizing torture every time he leaves his house. You are required by law to indict him. Are you waiting for Marc Rich's permission?"

Attorney General Holder cut him off, declaring from the microphone at the podium: "The distinguished gentleman has spent the past three years refusing to enforce subpoenas or attempt impeachments, making a laughing stock of one branch of government, and now wants another branch to act on the basis of his reports as if we can't do our own thinking and must employ the U.S. Congress as a think tank. Does he imagine we don't know that torture is against the law?"

Conyers, age 80, stood on a chair and announced: "Mr. Attorney General, the vice president's house is about two miles across the river and I would be delighted to point it out to you."

Holder appeared to consider this momentarily before replying: "Chairman Conyers, it has been over a year since you subpoenaed Mr. Cheney. If you've given your Mapquest directions for his house to the Capitol Police and they haven't found it yet, something must be defective."

"You're scared," was Conyers' startling reply.

"No, you are," was the remarkable response from the attorney general.

The press conference continued to degenerate, and recounting the rest would serve no clear purpose other than embarassment.

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Say it isn't so. I honestly cannot believe that John Conyers, after his pitiful performance, would call on anyone to do anything. Of course Holder should enforce the laws against torture. Our democracy is in total hock to the corporate interest that benefit from death and destruction. It's hard to believe but it's true. No health care just warfare.

A surreal exchange between Conyers and Holder. Let's see if either of them actually take action. Holder has been a major disappointment so far.

there is enough people that want the rule of law and the constitution enforced in this country that you could have chaney brought to you at any place you would like. just ask the american people to help and they would. good luck and gods speed with your over dew actions to try these war criminals.

Ah... the ol' bait and switch. The best way to kill a nascent prosecution is to hand it to Conyers. He'll collect all the petitions, summon all the evidence, hold closed door hearings and then cite some technicality after 3 years on why its regrettably impossible to proceed. He is a "catch-all" for legitimate dissent, placing it all in a bag and then drowning it in the river. Conyers, with his eerie "other-worldly" tone of voice is the fifth columnist representative of the true justice movement. Witness his disabling of the impeach Bush movement where he baldly and spectacularly announced he would not proceed after acting as the lightning rod for the movement collecting those countless thousands of petitions. Holder (Marc Rich anyone?) is similarly corrupt and they've cooked up some backroom scam to cut the head off this "snake" as they see it.

Nice satire, David. Especially the part about Easter bonnet disguise. I still believe in him because every Easter he gives me a basket of candy.

You made your points.

I would have been laughing if the veracity of our constitutional republic wasn't at risk.

If there was any doubt that Conyers is not a serious voice for impeachment or even enforcing the law, this should end it. This is obviously all a game for Conyers. Despite his stunts, he will never do anything that involves real commitment to the law.

By NOT impeaching and/or prosecuting Bush and Cheney, Conyers/Holder, to the everlasting detriment and harm of the American people, have set up A NEW STANDARD TO REACH, for all future Republican presidents, to expand the powers of the imperial unitary executive where Bush left off, never to be held accountable for their potential and probable high crimes, misdemeanors and misdeeds, and never to get impeached, not even a single impeachment hearing to worry about, while in office, and even after leaving office, even after usurping the Constitution, violating our laws, and violating international laws and our signed Treaties as well. Conyers/Holder have put the nation in severe dire straits when the next Republican president takes the helm.

Conyers portrayed himself as the the leading advocate of Impeachment in the US House, but stonewalled impeachment for years and kept Rep. Kucinich's Bush-Cheney Impeachment Bills from ever being seriously debated or voted on in his House Committee.

Conyers accepted an Impeachment Petition signed by 1.1 Million Voters but ignored it and had those bringing it Arrested.

Conyers broke a promise to voters to hold impeachment hearings after the 2008 election.

Conyers is on the board of Progressive Democrats of America but even they couldn't get him to stop blocking impeachment.

If Conyers had started impeachment hearings shortly after he took the HJC Chairmanship, a few thousand US Soldiers who were killed or maimed in Iraq would still be alive and whole. Conyers owes their families an apology.

Now Conyers is the leading House Democratic Champion of Single Payer health care. Given his poor performance on impeachment is Single Payer
Dead On Arrival?

We are all dreaming if we think Conyers will accomplish anything on Accountability for those in the Bush Administration that violated so many Federal Laws including Torture.

WE will have to push AG Holder, President Obama and Conyers to get accountability....
for as long as it takes.

both a Commission of Inquiry
and a Special Prosecutor
For All Their Crimes at


John H Kennedy, Denver CO, 44 yr Democratic voter, Obama supporter,
organizer of Impeach Colorado Coalition


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