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Woman Sees Husband Off to Iraq, Gets Fired

By Associated Press

Caledonia, Mich: A woman who took an unpaid leave of absence from work to see her husband off to war with an Indiana National Guard unit has been fired after failing to show up for her part-time receptionist job the day following his departure.

"It was a shock," said Suzette Boler, a 40-year-old mother of three and grandmother of three. "I was hurt. I felt abandoned by people I thought cared for me. I sat down on the floor and cried for probably two hours."

Officials at her former workplace, Benefit Management Administrators Inc., a Caledonia employee-benefits company, confirmed that Boler was dismissed when she didn't report to work the day after she said goodbye to her husband of 22 years.

"We gave her sufficient time to get back to work," Clark Galloway, vice president of operations for Benefit Management, told The Grand Rapids Press for a story Wednesday.

He added that other factors were involved in the decision, but he declined to elaborate.

On Oct. 16, Boler went with her husband, Army Spc. Jerry Boler, 45, to an Indianapolis-area airfield, where he and others in his National Guard unit gathered to be transported to Fort Dix, N.J. The unit will soon be deployed to Iraq, where he will help guard convoys from insurgent attacks.

Although the Bolers moved to western Michigan 14 years ago, Jerry Boler, a diesel mechanic, decided to remain with his Bloomington, Ind.-based Guard unit, the 150th Field Artillery Regiment.

Suzette Boler had received permission to take off work the week leading up to her husband's departure. As a part-time employee at Benefit Management, she did not receive vacation pay and was not compensated for her time off.

She usually worked Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays answering telephones, entering claims information and greeting visitors and clients. Boler, who said she considers herself a reliable employee with good work habits, was employed at the company for 14 months and earned $9 per hour.

Boler recalled being asked, not ordered, to start back at her job Oct. 17, the day after her husband left. She told her bosses that she would try to return that day but if she could not, she would definitely be back Oct. 18, she said.

When Boler returned home from Indiana on the night of Oct. 16, a few hours after leaving her husband at the airfield, she said she felt drained by the emotional ordeal and decided to return to work Oct. 18.

But on the afternoon of Oct. 17, she received a call from work telling her to come in the following day and get her things because she was being fired. Her pink slip said the reason was she failed to show up for work Oct. 17, a Monday.

"If I had even an inkling that I would be fired for not coming in Monday, I would have been there," she said.


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I used to live in Caledonia up until a few weeks ago. I couldn't stand the Grand Rapids area because it was a bastion of right wing republican bastards who would support Adolph Hitler if he were resurrected and then merged into his much more modern but no less evil contemporary, George W. Bush. This whole entire area is populated with folks who, like ostreich's, stick their heads in the sand to ignore the torture and the murder of more than 100,000 Iraqi's WHO HAD NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH 9/11, and seeing that place in the rear view mirror for the last time was not a heart breaking experience. Matter of fact, it's likely that I lost my job there for publically posting on antiwar websites about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Feith, Wolfowitz and the cabal. Fearing a hell of a lawsuit, they did it quietly and without trying to draw attention to the fact that their background checking had found my public postings about these insane murderous piles of vomit, and found they couldn't use my services for being truthful enough to declare that Bush is, and I do indeed believe this, MENTALLY UNSTABLE and has no business with the nuclear arsenal or the armed services of this nation at his demonically possessed disposal. It's no surprised that this caledonia company retaliated against this woman, she, like me, probably had publically voiced her 'opinion' about the senseless murder, the lying, the deceit, and the CRIMINALITY of the Bush Administration who sent her husband off to his death. It's astonishing that so much of this country still believes this murderous son of a b _ _ _ch is still competent and not a lying, draft dodging, self serving piece of crap who will send every single one of these delusional republican's supporter's kids off to war if he has to, to die for his vendetta. It's astonishing that so many people in Michigan, particularly the west side of the state, still have the balls to sport their 'W' bumper stickers after the facts of his murderous TREASON have become public. It's tragic that 30 percent of this nation supports this vile and demonic scum of the earth that causes death and misery and pestillence wherever his gang of zombie thugs take him...i.e.: his recent trip to south america, where they rioted and burned american businesses because they don't want his rotten, corrupt, scummy ass there!!!

What's the point of sharing this article? Is it that you want us to be offended on this woman's behalf? I have no idea what her performance was prior to her leave, no idea what her pattern of absence was before this event, no idea how important her presence was for the day she indicated she would return, etc. While it is possible that her employer acted in bad faith you have certainly taken a one sided approach and I am just wondering why?

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