You are herecontent / A stacked indictment against Libby to get him to testify against Cheney?

A stacked indictment against Libby to get him to testify against Cheney?

From an article on by James Dean (former counsel to Richard Nixon):

...Fitzgerald has clearly thrown a stacked indictment at Libby, laying it on him as heavy as the law and propriety permits. He has taken one continuous false statement, out of several hours of interrogation, and made it into a five-count indictment. It appears he is trying to flip Libby - that is, to get him to testify against Cheney - and not without good reason. Cheney is the big fish in this case.

Will Libby flip? Unlikely. Neither Cheney nor Libby (I believe) will be so foolish as to crack a deal. And Libby probably (and no doubt correctly) assumes that Cheney - a former boss with whom he has a close relationship - will (at the right time and place) help Libby out, either with a pardon or financially, if necessary. Libby's goal, meanwhile, will be to stall going to trial as long as possible, so as not to hurt Republicans' showing in the 2006 elections.

So if Libby can take the heat for a time, he and his former boss (and friend) may get through this. But should Republicans lose control of the Senate (where they are blocking all oversight of this administration), I predict Cheney will resign "for health reasons."


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There is no need to rely on Libby in order to go after either Bush or Cheney.

Fitzgerald and others have information which they are not discussing.

The goal of a prosecutor is to prosecute, not give fair warning.

If Dean's premise is true [That Cheney's employment is related to the Senate Majority Party], then Cheney's status is a function of who controls the elections.

Howeer, I see little evidence, despite the well known 2000/02/04 voting abuses, that there is a credible plan in place to

  • [a] ensure the DNC leadership communicates the dirty tricks to the voters;
  • [b] mitigate these risks to ensure the election is as free and fair as possible; or
  • [c] rally the RNC-disaffected to justify confidence in/votes for specific DNC plans an objectives for leadership and national policy.
  • This will take time.

    The DNC needs the support of the nation in organizing, planning, and preparing to lead the country.

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