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Bush and Nixon Battle It Out


With the latest CBS poll putting Bush's approval rating at 35%, he's genuinely entered into Nixon territory. Since polling began, Nixon is the only two-term president with lower approval ratings at a comparable point in his presidency:

Johnson 66% (Oct. 1965)
Reagan 63% (Oct. 1985)
Clinton 57% (Oct. 1997)
Eisenhower 57% (Oct. 1957)
Truman 49% (Oct. 1949)
Bush 39% (Oct. 2005)
Nixon 29% (Oct. 1973)

So, I've helpfully graphed both Bush's approval rating and disapproval rating against Nixon's. Note Bush still has about a year to go before he gets to the point in Nixon's presidency when Nixon resigned.

(All polls are Gallup.)

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Worst Pres. ever. Hands down. This guy deserves some hard time as do all his handlers...handlers probably more real prison...not country club prison...but real hard butt fucking prison.
Think about many people died because or these assholes lies?


We were never meant to be "God's Cops", and we do not have any right to force our beliefs on anyone. That being said, and the battle being entered; we have no "right" to withdraw. If we are going to make people march to our tune, then we get to pay the price. And if we are ging in to "protect" ourselves from "terror" then for all intents and purposes we have no good reason to "get out now"...

Let there be no mistake, we were attacked. But let us ask if we have been attacked since then..? The first "Gulf war" was a damnable joke, and this one looks a bit worse. Do we hold ourselves to the same standards we hold other's? If so, we are in the wrong now. Yet, one needs to look at the idea that we have no good grounds to leave aty this point--there is still a threat (even if we could argue that we caused it.)

Impeach the one who has us enjoined on all fronts--hell yes! get out? can't! We have been here before, and if we are going to force our beliefs on a people who are absolutely unready for it, then we best be willing to occupy the territory... We have already lost badly for mistakes in the past--mistakes such as saddahm hussein, the ayatola, and al qaida... Those were "our" choices... and we chose them... not in unity, but by "parlor vote".

Kinda sucks, doesn't it? Being taught to accept everything at face value, and that it doesn't pay to think has come back to hurt us too many times--but "we" voted for him. And we gave him the power to speak in "our name". maybe we should gag him.

I wonder how the Christian Right feels now, now that we know Tom Delay and his aides ACTUALLY refer to them as WACKOS!

"Consider one memo highlighted in a Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday that Scanlon, a former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Tx., sent the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana to describe his strategy for protecting the tribe's gambling business. In plain terms, Scanlon confessed the source code of recent Republican electoral victories: target religious conservatives, distract everyone else, and then railroad through complex initiatives.

"The wackos get their information through the Christian right, Christian radio, mail, the internet and telephone trees," Scanlon wrote in the memo, which was read into the public record at a hearing of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. "Simply put, we want to bring out the wackos to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip past them."

I whole-heartedly agree, and yes it does indeed suck. The tragedy here is that had the adminstration planned better, they could have had their war they wanted so bad and actually made Iraq a better place. Instead of doing what it takes to really rebuild Iraq, they continue with their short-sighted arrogance. We need leaders who will clean up this mess. Unfortunately, there's going to a big cost to do so, but take back the tax cuts, pony up the resources and get things back on track. The Cheney cabal made the mess, but we have to do our best to clean it up and clean it up right.

It just came to me that what these radical right wing nuts are committing treasonous acts against the American way of life! When you expose someone in a potition that requires the utmost secrecy and someone exposes that person it is an act of treason...period!!! So novak you are a traitor to America you arrogant piece of sh_t!!!

When the republicans don't like a rule or procedure they change the rules! Example 1! Anwr the jewel of America through trickery and slime bag politics that republicans are famous for is now up for destruction!

We'll do it in a environmentally friendly way! Ah bushit you lying scum sucking pigs!!! It will bring our energy dependence to a halt. Double bushit!!!

If there is oil it wouldn't be ready for the pump till 2025! You going to be alive then??? With global warming's dramatic increase in the number of hurricanes and their ferocity do you really think they're going to end any time soon???

I wonder what's going to be left of mankind in 2025 you know??? I mean really do you believe that this spat of repeated hurricanes one right after another is going to just end???

With this worthless administration I will personally guarantee what ever happens it will be the wrong move! I have never seen so many fuck ups in one place in my life!!! And there supposed to be running America???

Welcome to my nightmare!!!

What about next hurricane season??? Do you believe that this administration will get it's shit together and not screw things up again???

The true evil in America is the republican party...PERIOD!!!

They need to be thrown out on their collective asses NOW!!!

I have never believed a single word out of this illegal adminstration!!! Yes I believe they stole election 2004 too!!! Too many inconsistencies in Ohio!!!

The bush is guilty of mass murder and lying to the America and the world by invading Iraq! His shock and awe campaign murdered over 100,000 innocent iraqi citizens!!! It's NOT a war!!! The bush invaded INVADED!!! another country! The bush made America guilty of war crimes!!!

I live in a state run by scum bag repukelicans and it sucks big time!!!


While I agree with your sentiments and indignation, I'm troubled by your method of conveying it. The profanity in your note sounds like that in some of the sillier notes that right wingers write, usually because their brains are not fully engaged. Writing like that doesn't help the cause and doesn't reflect well on you. Instead, learn better how to express your indignation and outrage, and you could have a powerful influence.

George Bush will win by a substantial majority over Richard Nixon. Though both presidents were/are apparent scoundrels, Nixon, unlike Bush, was no dummy. It should be plain to most americans (not to mention the peoples of the entire world) that Bush doesn't have a clue about history, foreign or domestic policy, or even basic moral values which he allegedly extols.
How america could have elected (TWICE!) such an ignoramus, is a question that will entertain historians for years to come.
Anyway, the common thread between Bush and Nixon is that they are both outrageous liars. Leading a nation into war on false premises, is far worse than was the Watergate break-in. A pox on both their houses!

I agree with this except one item. Ms. Selig seems to forget that this "Little Hitler" was NOT ELECTED by the people. He finagled the votes for both elections and had himself appointed by his henchmen in the Supreme Court. And we must be aware that the Republicans will try to steal the next election also.

I asked a German woman the difference between Bush and Hitler. She shot back, "Hitler was elected."

George Bush makes Nixon look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms!

Just one...think now...Bush's initials "GWB"...that could only stand for three little words" "...Gas & Wind Bad". thanks.

No contest. As reprehensible a liar as Nixon was, his lies were for generally selfish personal reasons; e.g., election, re-election, popularity, etc. Not for any ill-fated agenda of American imperialism disguised as an effort to "protect" the United States. While Nixon and Henry Kissinger are clearly guilty of war crimes-level offenses on the basis of bombing Laos/Cambodia, etc., their crimes pale before Dubya's lies that led America into a regime change war of attrition.

As has been intimated on this board, however, my take on this whole infamous debacle is really more the fault of Dubya's handlers than him. He's clearly not interested in foreign or domestic policies, other than chainsawing trees and brush on his Texas ranch. How this dork ever got a degree from Yale, a graduate business degree at Harvard, and learned to fly fighter jets is totally astonishing. While family connections and other people's money may have accounted for the degrees, flying a plane is not, contrary to popular opinion, like driving a car. I've got something like 13 hours of duel time in a Cessna 150 and even that's not the same. Flying a fighter jet requires sobriety, intellect, and imagination. How did he ever accomplish it?

The real rogues behind killing Iraqis and bankrupting America are the neo-cons with their American Century agenda. Dubya and Cheney should both be impeached. Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Feith should all be summarily fired. It's interesting to consider the similarities between Cheney and Harriet Miers. Cheney was tasked with finding the best candidate for Dubya's running mate and, modestly, explained that it was clear he was the only real option. Similarly, Miers was asked to provide a list of the best candidates for a Supreme Court seat and likewise told Dubya she was clearly it. Reading her e-mails to him published in the LA Times looked for all the world like they were having an affair. Talk about childish infatuation. Simply amazing.

I've recently read somewhere that he may have been wearing an ear device during the debates with Sen. Kerry. If that's true, the guys feeding him the answers are even dumber than Dubya. And if I didn't know better, I'd think some of his speech writers were actually trying to humiliate the guy. One of his recent radio addresses sounded like Peter Sellers' lines from the flick "Being There." Totally idiotic.

But ultimately, America gets what it deserves. That so many of our countrymen could be fooled into actually voting for this turkey speaks volumes.

vp dick and prexy bush want to continue torture in secret cia jails. my mind goes to hiring gay dungeon masters from south of market in san francisco. a job they and the repubs would enjoy. indeed.

What should concern us even more is the number of American lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Afghanistan may have been necessary because they were/are hiding Osama bin Laden and his group definitely attacked American with the WTC on 9/11. That was justified. Invading Iraq based on trumped up propaganda and lies was not. Losing good Americans, sons and daughters, perhaps some of the best and bravest, is never a good thing unless needed for defense of our own nation. This is not DEFENSE as we normally define it. This is warmongering and hegemony at its worst. Saddam and his "evil empire", if one wishes to call it that, was easliy contained and no direct threat to us. Since this war was begun on false pretenses and trumped up propaganda and lies, look how many Americans have been killed there...the number we have been given is probably "doctored". I'm sure the reality is at least double that. But we will never know due to the lies constantly told and the truth obfuscation that this administration is so good at.

If the war in Iraq is so good for us and them and our country, let's see Bush and his cabinet members offer their daughters and sons for cannon fodder, like so many others have had to do. The Republican mantra for this is, well, those folks VOLUNTEERED for the military so this is their job. They may have volunteered, but in doing so, they made a contract with our government not to FOOLISHLY squander these precious human resource on unnecessary, vanity wars for the enrichment of the oil companies and the Halliburton corporation. Those who are presently at the top of our government are truly pigs at the trough!

They have been passing ANTI AMERICAN legislation left and right while we have been distracted with Bush. Now he is the attention getter while the damage congress is doing to us daily is beyond treason.

I have begun telling my congresscritters and senators that they are traitors and will be treated accordingly. They truly are traitors and in total violation of their oath of office, and I want them arrested. Lets get them in the same box as Libby and Rove. ARREST THEM ALL AND ESPECIALLY THE DEMS WHO SHOULD HAVE STOOD TALL DURING ALL OF THIS AND DID NOTHING WITH THEIR SHRIVELING CAHONES. I am so mad at the whole lot of them. They all need to go and now. If not sooner.

Appointed the first time, fraudulently elected the second time.
Moral Candidate?? Bush cited John 16:3 as his favorite verse in the Bible.....Look it up, you will be surprised.....Freudian Slip, but soooo true. Bush did not get elected by himself. He had partners in crime, and he still does....some of which have already been indicted.....more to come. The "War On Terror" has been nothing more than a SMOKE SCREEN to hide the GOP domestic agenda: Make the rich richer and the working class pay for it. If they could have, the GOP would have taken away Grandma's social security check/grocery money. By hi-jacking the Supreme court, they still might. From cutting up frogs as a child to a failed presidency, GWB has proven he is an incompetant....and probably a SOCIOPATH. Maybe the entire GOP qualifies.

If the polls are correct, then how dumb do the ones who voted for the criminal GOP creeps in the White House and Congress and "strongly disaprove" of them at this point so soon after Duhbya's re-election feel now? I bet pretty dumb. That ought to teach them a lesson! Too bad for the rest of us and the world. Note to former Duhbya supporters: Join the Democratic Party and do right by America in the next Congressional midterm election. You still have a chance to redeem yourselves!

And this selected administration was supposed to return truth honor and the American way to the oval office as opposed to the womanizer who lied about a blow job??? Yeah right when ever this cracker from texas opens his rich elitist lyin draft dodgin cowardly silver spoon up nose yapper,
Then big i mean Texas size whoppers leap out where are the weapons of mass destruction?? The ones your papa and ronnie sold to em with rummy shaking his hand in bagdad 12/83 yer pappy then blew ta hell in the first first strike invasion in 1990 along with several hundred thousand innocent iraqis collateral damage eh? you new this guy was nasty a sob way back when you used him to attack iran. I can't wait for the day your behind bars smeared in feces with soiled womens knickers over your empty head running from bubba for lying murdering hundreds of thousands of innocents in iraq as well as 2500 innocent Americans!

I really don't think GWB and his administration are human beings anymore; they turned into robots when the 2nd Iraq war began.
I didn't vote for GWB either time he viciously ran for President in either 2000 or 2004, yet our country's in a shambles. What's up with that?

The American culture is imitating all of our major institutions...government, churches and schools through our interest in rising to the lowest common demoninator. Currently, our government represents what's the worst about America and not what the best could be. Our politicans, for the most part this Administration, have taken away the hopes, dreams and desire of those who needed their inspiration the most...the poor, elderly, sick, and needy. Budgets are slashed for the poor by reducing food stamp/medicaid budgets. Middle class citizens are driven further into precarious financial levels by high gas prices, reduced funding for student aid, and layoffs. Like the government, corporations are only interested in making their stockholders happy so dedicated, senior personnel are let go to make way for more profits. My heart aches for what this country could have and the respect around the world that it has lost.
We can't wait much longer before the Bush Administration further destroys what was once a very proud country. At least once upon a time, I was a proud American but now I feel betrayed and disappointed. At least the knowledge that I didn't support George Bush twice gives me comfort.It has to get better for us and for my grandchild who wants to be that proud American citizen down the road.

To the religious right and evangelicals: BUSH = ANTICRIST!

how can anyone in their right mind have voted for george walker bush?
after the 1st debate with john kerry in the 2004 elections,where bush was exposed as the imbecile he is,how could someone who prays in church to god on sunday,go out and vote for him on tuesday?

america.stupid in 2000,stupider in 2004.

Keep talking impeachment and write into your local newspapers. The more people read about getting rid of the top two "dogs" the more they will agree. Innocent people are being killed on a daily basis because they are the victims of Bush administration lies. That cozy arrogant group consisting of Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rove and Rumsfeld must be replaced either by impeachment or a shake-up in this administration. Our standing in the world has been shattered by the stupidity of our so called leaders.

Yeah, the Repubs have been exposed, now it's on to those Demos who have been sleeping WITH the Repubs. That could take some time! When Bush and Cheney are Impeached, (The Dems know this will expose many of their holes, that's why they haven't mentioned the I word.) a whole lot of Dems are gonna be squirmin' as well. Kick 'em all out, and return this nation to it's background constitution, and the power to the PEOPLE!! Yank 'em out of the Supremacist court, too!!! Make the politicians become real politicians, not CORPORATICIANS!! Show the world that we really do stand for justice for all!!! It's not the people of America who are at war with the world! It's the NEO-CON American CORPORATIONS!!! Make them PAY!!!!!

Bush needs to be impeached NOW. He's on a downward slide. He and his administration, as well as the "good Christians" he panders to are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites. They lie, attack our civil rights and commit other numerous attrocities in the name of "morality and family values." It seems they want to force everyone back up to heaven and claim the glory for themselves.
The reality is, they're just turning our nation and the rest of the world into a living hell.

the entire BUSH BODY....INCOMPETENCE screaming LOUD and CLEAR!


that as one queries folks who voted in the last presidential election, no one seems to have voted for Bush/Cheney. How did these two porch climbers get in office, then???

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