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H Res 505 Co-Sponsors Now at 63

Lee; Adam Smith; Tauscher; Kilpatrick; Jackson-Lee; Serrano; Grijalva; Watson; Clay; DeFazio; Woolsey; Frank; Jackson; Rangel; McNulty; McDermott; Abercrombie; Conyers; Ackerman; Maloney; Allen; David Price; Schwartz; Danny Davis; McKinney; Filner; Stark; Kaptur; Meeks; Tim Bishop; Sherrod Brown; Becerra; Capuano; Cummings; Gutierrez; Stephanie Tubbs Jones; McGovern; Payne; Towns; Millender-McDonald; Mike Thompson; Velazquez; Rahall; Gwen Moore; Sanders; Slaughter; Solis; Inslee; Doggett; Van Hollen; McCollum; Napolitano; John Lewis; Farr; Honda; Eddie Bernice Johnson; Strickland; Sabo; Schakowsky; Pascrell; Tierney; Pat Kennedy; Owens


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Great to see that our Congressman, Tim Bishop, from New York's 1st District is one of the co-sponsors of Kuchinich's ROI--Americans have to see just how the "White House Iraq Group" engineered and duped us into war. We are entitled to see how they went about fooling and scaring us into the mess and nightmare that is Iraq. Congress should be screaming with one voice to get ahold of these records of e-mails, memos, phone logs, white papers, etc. We were tricked and lied to. Enough!!!!

I notice that they now are using their evil to control the Thomas search engine so that it doesn't even put up the newest information.

This is like 1984. These guys will stop at NOTHING to get their way.

It's sick.

Charlie L
Portland, OR

Excessively long sig follows...
No more Republican traitors.
No more Republican thieves.
No more Republican liars.
Not it 2006. Not in 2008.

Fool us once, shame on you.
Fool us twice, shame on us.
Fool us three times? You've
GOT to be kidding.

Any American who ever votes for a Republican, or a Republicat DINO (Democrat in name only) gets the corrupt, greedy, lying, America-hating, solider-hating, chickenhawk, self-serving, uncaring, immoral and self-centered government they deserve.

And don't forget...

IF we take the house in '06 and the Senate in '08 we can still have a "quickie impeachment" in the first two weeks of 2009.

Why do this when Bush/McCain will be leaving office within a few weeks?

Why because WE CAN!

Screw all Republicans -- they've been doing it to us for years!

Charlie L
Portland, Oregon

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