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Michael Medved and Civil Discourse

This was my favorite Email of all the ones I receieved after spending an hour on the Michael Medved radio show yesterday. The least favorite ones included words like "Commie" and "dirtbag."



I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for someone capable of standing up to the cheap shot artists on reactionary right radio. Most of the time when I’m out driving around, I tend to switch back and forth between Air America, the local NPR channel and the local wacko right wing talk channel. But even though I find the right wing crazies fascinating to listen to (sort of like watching a major fire), I often have to switch away because it gets frustrating hearing them walk all over an endless stream of well-meaning, but outgunned progressive guests (victims?). Sometimes the victims just aren’t up for the challenge (I often wonder if they screen liberal listener call-in guests, looking for ones that they can easily humiliate on-air.) It’s especially frustrating when the leaders or other representatives of progressive groups come on the show and are unable to stand toe-to-toe with Medved, Ingrahm (sp?), Praeger (sp?), Hewitt or the others.

Even though I was only listening from about 1pm to around 1:30pm or so (PST) I heard enough to realize that I was listening to a very unusual event - finally someone was able to stand up to this low life scum and hammer right back at every misrepresentation, intentional misstatement or outright lie. These right wing hosts all use the same collection of crude tactics to bluster their way to victory over a collection of progressive guests who are often too well mannered and polite to strike back at these weasels. (I don’t mean to infer that you aren’t well mannered yourself, only that you realized that Medved did not deserve courtesy, he deserved a punch in the mouth.)

[and that’s why I could never do what you accomplished today. knowing all of the underhanded tactics that they use to “win


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I've just read this short article about someone who spent an hour dialoguing with Michael Medved and holding your own and I don't know who you are. I would love to hear it. Can you link it to the internet so i can stream it??? Who are you???

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