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Co-Sponsors of Inquiry into WHIG Jump to 53 in Three Days

53 Current cosponsors: Lee; Smith, A; Tauscher; Slaughter; Conyers; Rangel; Kaptur; Doggett; Brown, S.; Kilpatrick; Jackson-Lee; Serrano; Grijalva; Watson; Clay; DeFazio; Woolsey; Frank; Jackson; McNulty; McDermott; Abercrombie; Ackerman; Maloney; Allen; Davis, D; McKinney; Filner; Stark; Meeks; Price, D; Bishop, T; Schwartz; Filner; Becerra; Capuano; Cummings; Gutierrez; Jones; McGovern; Payne; Towns; Millender-McDonald; Thompson, M.; Velazquez; Rahall; Moore, G.; Sanders; Solis; Inslee; Van Hollen; McCollum; Napolitano.

Is YOUR Congress Member listed here? 191 Members voted with Pelosi yesterday. they should all be here. Let's get to work!


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On CSPAN, today, 11/4/2005, I watched Stuart Bowen who is the The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. I lost count of the many callers inquiries to whether there were investigations for the Billions of dollars that is unaccounted for that Bowen says is under investigation and he is not at liberty to talk about it. Does the line "because it is under investigation, I am unable to talk about it" sound familiar? How dare this administration talk about the Oil For Food Program when their own House is not in order. In fact, while this administration is investigating itself, I am not sure we will ever find out what the truth is concerning the Billions of unaccounted for money. Mr. Bowen also spoke of an "cash rich environment" because the Iraqis don't deal with Bank institutions, so the rumors of garbage bags full of money being passed around was true. This sounds like a "free for All," or at best, zones being crated just for the purpose to rip the rich America off.

There was a question directed at who will provide the honest and integral investigation of Mr. Bowen's work. Mr. Bowen stated he pledged to crate an open book policy that could be checked through his Web site. I find all of this very suspect to say the least. The money trial in Iraq needs an independent investigation and the need is now before the trial is covered up. Why have this not been covered with the sensationalism we have been accustom to getting from the media? Is this the Left wing bias the Right is always talking about? We need to expand on this issue.


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