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McNamara Is Dead, Preceded Into Death By Many Others Who Had His Help


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"Thanks NOT for the memories", or shall I say don't let the (casket) door slam you in the rear!

McNamara, who was made President of Ford Motors on or about the time of the jfk campaign-election, became President of the World Bank later, after serving as Secretary of Defense, and I always wondered about his chairmanship at Ford, especially since someone or persons removed the central glass partition in JFK's fatal limousine which separated the driver and front seat passenger from the rear passenger compartment on 11-22-63, enabling the driver, Greer, to turn and fire into JFK's face at nearly point blank range. The design and maintenance of that limo was clearly at least partly under the management auspices of Robert McNamara. Read about the limo at these links:


New Discovery Channel Program on JFK Limo, New 1-hour program could produce valuable information

JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS100X

DC - JFK Assassination Presidential Limo SS-100-X, part 4

JFK Assassination Presidential Limo SS-100-X, part 3

The clarified photos on, now show Greer clearly turning and firing with his left hand over his right shoulder.

Did the driver shoot JFK?

This man above, Cooper, link was also murdered by law enforcement in Arizona while I was in Arizona. The 'CON' never forgot how he told on them and how the JFK hit was done.

Driver shot JFK

the Today show aired a news piece of Robert McNamara at Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam. He was greeting soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division that were landing at this location. The reporter asked him, how long he thought the war would last. McNamara replied, "This is the Army's finest division, the war will last between six months and one year." Four years later, I was drafted and was assigned to the 1st Infantry Division at Lai Khe, Vietnam as a combat medic. Six years after that [April 1975], NVA tanks rolled up to the Presidental Palace in Saigon. Yeah, you had it all figured out, didn't you Robert? May you burn in Hell for eternity.

from Doc - Delta Co. [Led by Captain Harold Moffett - the finest leader you could ask for - he knew the real score and acted accordingly] 1st Battalion 26th Infantry 1st Infantry Division - Lai Khe, Vietnam

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