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The Fraudulent Case for War

By Senator Ted Kennedy

In President Bush's five years in office, his White House has too often attempted to impose its will without regard for the merits of the issues or even the truth. Dissent is labeled "unpatriotic," and critics face unprecedented retribution. The Republican Congress has become a lap-dog for the Administration in allowing partisan priorities to trump truth.

In one of the greatest blunders in the nation's history, the Administration concocted a fraudulent case for war in Iraq. Two thousand Americans have paid the ultimate price, and the end is not in sight.

But at least Americans are now demanding the truth. This week, our minority leader, Senator Harry Reid sent a powerful message to the Republican leadership -- including the White House -- that smokescreens and foot-dragging will no longer be tolerated.

The Republican leadership needs to understand that we are committed in our demand for truth. And with your strong support, we'll have the resources we need to win at the polls next year:

Together, you and I will continue to voice the questions this Administration needs to answer. We made sure America knew about the Downing Street memo on Iraq. When it became clear that the White House withheld documents on pre-war intelligence from the Senate investigations, we raised the red flag. This week, 30,000 Americans demanded that the White House turn over all the undisclosed documents to the newly revived Senate investigation of pre-war intelligence.

As the case for war in Iraq continues to unravel, our vigilance will make all the difference in holding this Administration accountable for its behavior.

It's time for honest answers to the basic questions about Iraq. If Republican leaders in Washington refuse to honor its responsibility to the people to provide such answers, Democrats will fight even harder to get them.

I urge you to reach out to your fellow Americans and ask them to join us in calling on our leaders to serve all of the people, not just the extremist fringe they pander to. Momentum has begun to change in Washington. I hope very much that you'll support us with your contribution, so we make sure the momentum continues to build:

We're making progress at long last, and with your strong support, we'll keep this country moving in the right direction. Thank you so much for your commitment to this effort, and best regards.

Sen. Ted Kennedy

P.S.: Over the next two months, we need to do everything we can to make it clear to the Republican leadership and the mainstream media that Americans are united in their demand for answers. Please forward this e-mail to all those you know who will want to stand with us.


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For a long time we have been crying for the leadership to take a stand on the lies from this corrupt administration in the White House. Congressman Conyers has been the spearhead. We were all duped and hookwinked into the illegal war in Iraq. Calling this administration to be accountable is our right and duty. Let's get the moderate right to demand the truth from Bush, as well as all those that believe in truth and justice.

That's good, I suppose, but it's not sufficient, and most of "the truth" is quite obvious already.

What is needed is some real and immediate action to put an end to the criminal acts that are still ongoing with every indication that they are likely to expand and get even worse if they aren't soon blocked by some effective public action.

Here's what one British soldier is doing about it:

Last week, a legal thunderbolt struck at the heart of the grubby conspiracy that led the United States and Britain into an illegal war of aggression against Iraq. But this searing blow didn't fall in Washington, where a media frenzy raged over a White House indictment, but in southern England, in a military courtroom, where a lone soldier stood against the full force of the great war-crime enterprise, armed only with a single, rusty, obsolete weapon: the law.

While Potomac courtiers were reading the entrails of the cooked goose of Scooter Libby -- the first Bushist honcho caught in the slow-grinding gears of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation -- in Wiltshire, Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith faced a court martial after declaring that the Iraq war was illegal and refusing to return for his third tour of duty there, The Guardian reports.

He has been charged with four counts of "disobeying a lawful command." But Kendall-Smith, a decorated medical officer in the Royal Air Force, says that his study of the recently revealed evidence about the lies, distortions and manipulations used to justify the invasion has convinced him that both the war and the occupation are "manifestly illegal." Thus any order arising from this criminal action is itself an "unlawful command," The Sunday Times reports. In fact, the RAF's own manual of law compels him to refuse such illegal orders, Kendall-Smith insists.

The flight lieutenant is no ordinary war protester, and no shirker of combat -- unlike, say, the pair of prissy cowards at the head of the U.S.-British "coalition." Kendall-Smith, who has dual New Zealand-British citizenship -- and a pair of university degrees in medicine and Kantian moral philosophy -- has served three tours at the front in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is not claiming any conscientious objections against war in general, nor do religious scruples play any part in his stance. It is based solely on the law.

More here.


"We should constantly be reviewing our policies, constantly be looking at those sanctions to make sure that they are directed toward that purpose. That purpose is every bit as important now as it was ten years ago when we began it. And frankly they have worked. He has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors. So in effect, our policies have strengthened the security of the neighbors of Iraq, and these are policies that we are going to keep in place." - Colin Powell, FEB 2001

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld should be impeached and then arrested.

ATTENTION CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS. We know you know in your heart that what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have done with Iraq far exceeds the moral AND legal test for impeachment and shows them to be a clear and present danger to the United States of America. You must stand up and say so.

You have a duty to the American people, yourself and humanity to GO TO THE MAT for bi-partisan, well funded and transparent congressional investigations leading to impeachment. Shut down the governments business if that's what you have to do to move this forward and pound it into the American mind. Use whatever guerilla parliamentary procedure available to you. Say and do nothing else until the GOP agrees to investigate what any sane and just mind considers horrific crimes. No legislation, no issue, no job, no friendship, nothing you can personally gain or lose is more important (or potentially politically effective) than this effort. Nothing is more important than cutting this cancer from our government. Our safety, perhaps even our very survival depends on it.

Mountains of evidence make clear these people have behaved in ways that make them war criminals and traitors. You must stop them before they take us to war again, before they sell out our national security again, before they destabilize the world to the point of no return. It is your right and your duty. Only you and your fellow elected congressional Democrats can get this done. This is why the people elected you.

Stand shoulder to shoulder, stand tall. Walk down the hall, grab your fellow elected Democrats by the collar, walk out onto the steps, and start saying what you believe. Say it loud, say it together and say it all the time, and you will drag the media and the American mind along. They have committed impeachable offences, they are destroying our national security and our good name, and they are profiting greatly from it. They must be held to account before we follow ancient Rome into the ashes of history.

I PROMISE YOU, in the end, not only will you know you've done the right thing, but you'll come out on top POLITICALLY as well. The American people will come to know traitors and criminals in their midst if you show them often enough what they look like. And in the end, they will be grateful. America needs leaders again. America needs heroes. Will you step up?

Remember this: Americans want leaders who will boldly defend their interests. They have been fooled into thinking the GOP will do so. But the GOP only destroys their interests. If you fight for what is right regarding how the administration lied us into war Americans will see that YOU ARE OUT for their best interests and that you are willing to put it on the line to ensure they are protected.

Senator Rockefeller, if you let Pat Roberts go back on his word to investigate the administrations use of intelligence, history will hunt you down and punish you in the same breath as those who have committed these despicable acts. Where are you? What could be more important than ensuring our leaders don’t twist intelligence to make fraudulent cases for war? As a member of the United States Senate you have the power to make sure this goes forward. You will have to put it on the line to be sure, but this is the right thing to do. Senator, we beg you, live up to your name. Stand tall in important ways.

Congressmen Waxman, Conyers, Lee, Rangel, thank you for all your letters, requests, complaints to the administration and the GOP leadership. You have done far more than most. You have shown you know right from wrong, that you have a heart, and you retain most of your humanity. But all that and a buck will buy America a cup of coffee. You have said many words that needed to be spoken. But it is clear we need different words now. We need words like IMPEACHEMENT and ARREST. Words like TREASON and HIGH CRIMES. Words like WAR PROFITEERING, CORRUPTION and CONSPIRACY.

We, the American people, need to hear from you how the conservatives SOLD OUT THE SECURITY OF OUR COUNTRY, OF OUR CHILDREN AND OUR LOVED ONES in order to try and COVER UP THEIR FRAUDLENT CASE FOR WAR. They LIED to bring this nation to war. We need to hear these words from you and your fellow congressional Democrats EVERY DAY.

These are simple concepts and the evidence is clear. Once you push these words and ideas into the American mind the game will be over. In fact, you have the chance to crush the Republican Party. With this war and the way in which we were driven to it you have the great weight of the truth. Avail yourselves of it often enough and you will crush the conservative movement.

It is clear the intransigence of this administration and the GOP leadership knows no bounds. They won’t budge until the American people demand it. The way to make that happen is for you and your fellow Democrats to shut-it-all-down, by whatever means necessary, until the evidence and consequences of their crimes are detailed in congressional investigations and front and center in our media culture. Your action will force Joe Sixpack to come to a conclusion about what you are saying. The cold, hard reality of the evidence and a few GOP rats fleeing the ship to avoid the rising water will take care of the rest.

You owe your constituents and humanity a course of action that is effective. Time is short. The situation is dire. Our rate of decay is exponential. We’re losing entire cities at a time. Impeachment was designed to save the nation from just this kind of leadership. It’s time for you to get out there and speak truth to power.

Now is your time. Write a chapter of great American history or forever be damned to the footnotes in another tale of empire gone by. America as we know it depends on your actions in the next weeks and months. History has an especially keen eye on these days. May it hold you in high regard. God speed…

Try to get some, this same blog is under like 10 articles.

You want "The Truth"? You can't handle the truth...Hell, it is right before your eyes but you hatefully deny it.

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

Google PNAC> if you dare to see the TRUTH


All of what you said is correct!

Say the words and put it in the minds of Americans.
Many are just waiting for somebody to speak!

Americans biggest fear,CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT!

Stop begging the Democracts to "do the right thing" and wake up to the fact that they are just human beings, bound to do what's in their self-interest just as you and I are.

The D's aren't interested in being the "opposition party", just in fooling you into thinking they are.

They have their own plan for world domination and are much better off playing second fiddle to the R's than paying attention to you.

They read this,and all they see is you licensing them to continue "staying the course" so to speak, as all you can be expected to do is vote for them instead of the R's.

You need to start seeing through the R/D scam: they are not two distinct partys with ideological differences, but rather merely two competing factions of the same party.

Take the last presidential election for example; the democrat did'nt have to bother to oppose the war, because he rightly assumed he had the vast majority of the anti-war vote in his he tryed to sell those in favor of the war that he'd manage it better.

So what to do? Well as far as the immediate situation is concerned, this is the best idea I've seen lately:

And here's mine:

And by the way, who did you vote for? I voted for Michael Badnarik, because he represented my ideals. Niether he nor I expected him to win,but voting is a matter of conscience.

---The Bikemessenger

The truth will set us free. Tonight we find that bush has 35 percent. What ever you want to call it, people do not support a lying president. Vice president Chenny has 19 percent. what ever you want to call it people do not want to support a lying vice president. What could be more clear, Americans want this administration OUT!

The truth is that the Democratic party has been sitting on the fence totally inactive and cowardly trembling. It takes a valiant to admit they made a mistake and voted for the war based on a lie. The truth is that the Democratic party waited until Libby got indicted to finally do something. Teddy you lack the courage that your brothers John and Robert had. I hope they're not turning in their graves seeing your lack of activism.

All I have to say to you is, you people are out of this world!!!

Are you people kidding me? The Left is so in schambles by the fact that EVERY SINGLE attempt to criminalize this administration has FAILED MISERABLY that they don't know what move to make next. All I have to say is CHECK MATE members of the left. I love how former Clinton people can stuff docs down their pants and get away with it but Bush can barely take a crap without the Left crying fowl. Do you realize just how ridiculous you people look and sound? I really don't think so...

You people want to know who really wants to know the truth? The Left, don't you people dare bring the families of fallen soldiers into this you terrorist loving peices of garbage. The ONLY parent that has spoken up is that idiot Sheehan and she has already worn out her welcome. Her rallies are worthless as the last one drew a whooping 20 people. So don't say the parents want to know, that is a fuckin lie and you all know it. The truth is that Iraq is becoming a democracy under their own laws right before your eyes. You know what that means? We are winning the conflict and your buddies the terrorists are losing. Why don't you people strap some C4 to your chest in the name of Allah for your 40 virgins if you hate America so much? I would die in an instant for this country...

You people still beleive in your left biased polls I see? You know these sample populations are skewed so the results will always favor your side. You are so blinded by your self-created reality that you refuse to acknowledge the truth. You people still deny the fact that Congress voted under Clinton to go to war, was he a liar? When is his trial for lying to the American people? I don't think you have ever answered that ?.

I love how your conspiracy theories about Libby and Rove were flat out wrong so here goes Reed pulling some "rabbit" out of his hat. Have you seen the Rockafeller document that exposed this tactic being planned a year ago? This was no surprise to anyone. I love how the Libby indictment is not even for what the investigation was for. I LAUGH AT YOUR SIDE AND THEIR TACTICS. I also saw that the judge in the Delay case has been removed, I see those charges being dropped very soon. Another slap in the face for your side. Damn you must be red in the face by now.

I am looking forward to what is next and I look forward to the next conspiracy theory is coming to get batted down due to the lack of ANY evidence.

Good luck in spewing your garbage, lies, and half truths. It is no wonder why every news organization in the country is losing money hand over fist, except FOX. The only one the actually tells the truth...

See you at the polls in 2006 & 2008!!!!

With Love and Compassion,

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

I'm encouraged (but only slightly) by the fact that you seem to think the results will have some significance.

Today the truth will set you free. I am sure you believe in the budget cuts that will effect not only the very poor but the middle class, as well. Iraq as we speak will be funded in the billions to replace and rebuild cities, schools, hospitals, education funding for citizens while the americans pay the bill. Americans are suffering not only from our children dying in this unholy war but from the cruel and inhumane way this government is treating it's own people.I believe this government failed you probably as a child, as you are not the most educated and it shows. Go back to school, if you can. Maybe you will learn about compassion, maybe you will find some humanity.

I love AGAIN how I show you retards facts and you have nothing to say but I am uneduacted? I have a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Chicago you anonymous dip...I would talk and think you in circles.

Do you realize how much money we pumped into Germany, Japan, and other countries after wars? You have NO IDEA. Maybe you need to get an education so you can earn more money and then you can join my tax bracket as the people that pay 85% of this great countries taxes. So yes, I realize that I am paying for this war. I love the fact that my taxes are helping the people and kids in Iraq. Do you know that people in this country that pay NO TAXES get money back on their tax returns? So don't give me that crap.

You had better come stronger than that if you want to have an "intelligent" conversation with me. I know all about humanity and compassion sweetheart. I want to kill terrorists, you kill unborn kids...What's worse????

Again with love and compassion,

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

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