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30 CoSponsors of H Res 505

Did we just say the Resolution of Inquiry into WHIG had 20 co-sponsors? It's now 30:
Lee, Adam Smith, Tauscher, Kilpatrick, Jackson-Lee, Serrano, Grijalva, Watson, Clay, DeFazio, Woolsey, Frank, Jackson, Rangel, McNulty, McDermott, Abercrombie, Conyers, Ackerman, Maloney, Allen, David Price, Schwartz, Danny Davis, McKinney, Filner, Stark
Kaptur, Meeks, Tim Bishop

Make that 31: Sherrod Brown


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How many more are needed and how long do we have?

Another Resolution of Inquiry aimed at uncovering a bunch of incidental bit player details instead of what is abundantly clear on its face to the entire world: The President of the United States of America is a war criminal.

He became a war criminal, and thus a criminal under the U.S. constitution as well, the moment he instigated an illegal war contrary to international law and thus also contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land. At this point, it really doesn't matter what anyone else said or did to encourage or assist him. The deed itself and the consequences thereof are already painfully obvious, and Bush's impeachment on those self-evident grounds is long past due. The supporting roles played by the WHIG and his other criminal accomplises can be investigated and prosecuted later.

Impeachment won't happen without constant pressure on this administration and the public's awareness of the facts increases. There are still too many people that believe the pap they are getting from Fox et al. Why not a house resolution that all members of Congress and Senate go back to there home states and hold town hall meetings asking for the public's views and wants on the issue. It can be done on one weekend and the MSM can't ignore it. Those who don't show up can be voted out in 2006

Arvy-- You sound a little impatient. You can't have the moon--Be glad the steam is picking up.
Copngress can't just make a lunge for the target and have it slip away. You have to go methodically, build the case so nothing slips out, cover all the bases and close the loopholes, then pounce on it. Kinda like a fox sneakin' up on rabbit.

There's a condition in sports called "peaked too soon", and it applies here. Impeachment, at this point, would fall on its face, with the republican majority in congress, and that is a fact of life. Best to wait and build the case (through these inquiries), have it set to go for when the democrats gain a majority in 2006 (nearly a certainty the way thngs are going), and spring it then.

If demanding an immediate end to ongoing blatant crimes against humanity and the indictment of their chief instigator is asking for the moon, then I plead guilty. And "a little impatient" falls far short of describing the disgust and outrage that I feel toward the vile, villainous and criminal corruption that has replaced governance of, by and for the people of the United Stares of America.

Having said that, I can assure you that my own sentiments are as nothing compared to those of the victims of the crimes. How many more "inquiries" should they be expected to countenance patiently before the criminals are actually prevented from carring on their mass murders. Already, some are actually begging to be allowed to die. Are they, too, asking for the moon?

Arvy and the rest-- We all share your impatience and disgust with the crimes against humanity, and feel the same urge to see it end.
It appears there are two goals in play--fixing the problem and holding those accountable that caused it. The latter wouldn't necessarily cure the former.

However, if the drumbeat of impeachment picks up and is perceived as a real possibility, that would be a jeopardy close to the White House, unlike the demonstrations that are like pebbles thrown against a tank. W would be out of the process and have no voice in it. Then--take a lesson from Katrina-- the W response might be like that of a wayward husband who is caught in his errant ways, and then tries to appease the outraged wife by showering her with anything she wants. In this carrot and stick dynamic, W might be compelled to pull out all the stops and give us what we want, bringing the troops home and ending the war--anything to forestall impeachment.

To ask for this or anything similar to happen now is like trying to push on the end of a string, and that's what I meant by wanting the moon. Congress has the sole power to make things happen, and with the republicans controlling congress that is like a suit of armor for W. That reality exists no matter how much we kick and scream about it. Its worse than any sad dog tale could be, and its hard for honest people to accept how these crooks with congressional stationery operate. But you have to know your enemy, and they have all the marbles--FOR NOW.

I for one believe we will get the results we want, to end the war, hold those accountable who got us into it, and get the country back on track. The old rusty democratic truck has started up and is lurching forward. Little by little it seems to be gaining momentum, while the other side is backsliding. People are fed up, look at the latest polls. There's no way republicans will retain their majority in congress come the 2006 mid-term elections. By then the case against W and the administration will have been developed through the inquiries and fact finding recently demanded by democrats on many fronts, which shows signs of an even further buildup of momentum to demand answers of the republican administration. The case for impeachment will be "ripe". So what if some of that is for political gain of democrats, and some are capitalizing on recent republican boondoggles? That's the nature of their business. Let them have it.

The point is that they are gaining footholds, opening doors--and finally speaking up--which shows there is a good chance for things to turn around where we may get what we want. And who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth?

I'm sure the detainees now begging for death as their only escape from Bush's worldwide torture chambers will be enormously pleased and relieved to hear that.

Your faith in the "old rusty democratic truck", however, while very touching, is far greater than my own. I suspect, in fact, that if the founders had placed similar faith in working for change within an equally corrupt established system (and some did try for a little while), you'd still be living under the successors of another King George.

Just trying to face the reality we're in. We've been hoodwinked, for now, and the other side has all the marbles. We can only take our best options, less-than-ideal as they may be, and push on from there.

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