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National Stand Down Day - Nov. 18, 2005

End The Iraq War - Demonstrations and Nonviolent Resistance at Recruiting Stations Across the Country

Young Americans sign on to go into harm’s way to defend their country if necessary, but instead they are being turned into harm’s ministers in a war that has claimed more then 100,000 Iraqi lives and nearly 2,000 Americans. The President and Congress have breached a sacred trust with our soldiers and abused their oath to defend the Constitution by leading young Americans to kill and die in a war based on lies.

As the Bush Administration refuses to make plans to bring our troops home, join us for “National Stand Down Day,

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What in the hell do you guys think you are doing? Have you forgotten what is going on in the world? Did you see that woman that was going to blow herself up at the wedding in Jordan? She modelled a suicide belt that was going to rip her body in half as if she was modelling on QVC. You are hurting the U.S. and the free world with this garbage. What do you expect in a war? Are we going to have to face suicide bombers in this country be3fore you guys wake up? Shame on the whole lot of you. Lets defend this country not atttack it.

Have you forgotten 9-11? We are trying to stop the ongoing attack on our country due to the treasonist acts of the Bush administration. Obviously you have a lot of reading to do to get up to speed. Start with "The New Pearl Harbor, Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration" by David Ray Griffin. Next, "House of Bush, House of Saud" written by Craig Unger. Then come back and we can share more information with you to help you. But it is very hard when you are so far behind. However, we are here for you, after all we are all Americans and we need to stick together.

Next time though, at least read the first paragraph of the article you are questioning. That might help you too.

In addition, most of us would recommend that you stop watching FoxNews! It is for the good of the country. More importantly, it is for the good of our troops! It really is best to use our service members to defend our country not to try to create chaos in the Middle East so that some can make insane profits on oil that does not belong to them.

Anne Marie

PS Let's not forget about our own terrorists already in this country.

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