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Protesters converge in Times Square for anti-Bush protest

By Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) _ Protesters converged on Times Square on Wednesday afternoon to demonstrate against the policies of the Bush administration, including its handling of the war in Iraq and the treatment of detainees in U.S. custody.

The protest, which began with a noon rally in Union Square, was organized by the group "World Can't Wait," which planned other demonstrations around the country on Wednesday.

After the Union Square rally, demonstrators marched to Times Square, where they held signs, cheered and chanted and listened to speakers at the midtown Manhattan crossroads.

"This is the first major step in a movement that will force George Bush to step down," organizer Sunsara Taylor told Associated Press Television News.

"Thousands here in New York, and thousands in over 185 places around the country, have walked out of school, taken off of work, and we've started something today," she said. "And we are going to step things up and actually force George Bush out of office."

Police said two people were issued summonses for disorderly conduct at 20th Street and 8th Avenue. Organizers said Juanita Young, whose son, Malcolm Ferguson, was killed during a confrontation with narcotics officers in 2000, was taken into custody.

Young, who was taken to a police precinct by van, had an asthma attack and was hospitalized, according to Kathryn Lee, an organizer with the Oct. 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality.


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Looking at the pictures from the protests yesterday, it's obvious that this was not your standard peace rally of a few hundred holding candles. This was a protest march with a message to change the mistake made on Nov 2, 2004. However, going to all the major news websites, there is not a single mention of the protests, instead there's an article about fossilized fungi from 65 million years ago, having 'sex', although it's nothing like the sex humans know of. even talks about the anticipated protests in Argentina, which begs the question of why they don't cover the protests in this country, do they want to make it seem like it's us against them or something.
I encourage all of you to call and write these media outlets and demand coverage of the protests. The only way were going to wake up the rest of America is by getting the press to cover it. The country is to big, with too many people isolated from the protests. Please take action, make them hear us.

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