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Diplomacy Needed Along With U.S. Military To North Korean Aggression

June 18, 2009

Diplomacy Needed Along With U.S. Military To North Korean Aggression

In lieu of continued threats by the North Korean government and missiles tested over the last month,
the U.S. military, Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates has taken action in Hawaii by planning to establish
a missile defense system, THAAD, designed to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles.

Despite the practicality of this response, extreme costs to the American taxpayer, questions about the systems's capability to successfully shoot down an incoming missile(s), and the actual probability that an attack would the long run what may be far more important is for the U.S. State Department to increase it's diplomacy along with diplomacy from the United Nations and other countries in order to convince the North Korean government that it is in their best interests to seek peaceful developments for the sake of their country, it's people and the region.

The U.S. needs to counterbalance it's military responses with a strong diplomatic response as well. History has shown that with North Korea diplomacy works, for a time, when it is accompanied by services and monies given in lieu of further threats or missile testing. Things are more serious now yet without a stronger diplomatic effort the actual threat of missile attacks and war would be more likely. We need to treat the N. Korean leadership with gestures of reconciliation, despite our inclinations for punishments; i.e. recent harsher sanctions by the U.S. and the United Nations.

The N. Korean leadership believes they are in a commanding military position despite being surrounded by three superpowers with nuclear capability; the United States, Russia and China. Also South Korea and Japan are preparing for combat as well.

Things are just too precarious for the U.S. and Asian neighbors to rely on outdated military responses only. Now we must incorporate diplomatic efforts, perhaps from several countries, making gestures to N. Korea that would cause them to rethink and retrack their military objectives.

Let us caution our Military and encourage our State Department to expand efforts to reach out to N.Korea with diplomatic efforts and resources to calm things down and build a peaceful alliance.

Enclosed are two articles about the issue.
arn specter, phila

1. US ready for possible NKorean missile launch to Hawaii: Gates

2. US Navy and its allies to ask to inspect North Korean vessels and ships

AFP:US Navy and its allies to ask to inspect North Korean vessels and ships


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