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"Comfortable Numbness": The Collapse of The American Conscience

So far, after 100 days, the Obama "economic recovery" program has transformed itself into an extremely ugly blend of Bush-era economics, coupled with heavy reliance upon behavioral "scientists" who possess the strong belief that all human beings are "predictably irrational". I think I've discovered two reasons why there's no anger over the scale of the crisis, and no outrage among the American people. Of course, there may be several other reasons for this surprising lack of outrage among the American people concerning the collapse of the nation, but these are the two reasons which quickly come to mind, because they prevail within the American psyche.

First of all, the media arm of the MIM(i)C -- the Military-Industrial-Media Complex, produces a constant stream of "spin", including cover-ups and the ceaseless pedding of deliberate lies about the real state of our nation. The truth is that the U.S. of A. is hopelessly bankrupt, the American people are also hopelessly bankrupt, yet they are being looted by the financial "bailout" to the tune of several trillion dollars, but the MIM(i)C will not disclose this vital information to the American people. If they did, that would subvert the nation-destroying agenda of the oligarchs who run the media arm of the MIM(i)C with an iron fist, and prevent them from manipulating the American citizenry through emotional misdirection, and the encouragement of emotionalized "thinking", instead of seeking actual knowledge and using the power of reason.

Most Americans don't have a single clue about what's actually going on, which leads to the second reason for the surprising lack of outrage over the Obama Administration's actual agenda -- over the last seventy years or so, since the untimely death of Franklin Roosevelt, a program of deliberate impoverishment of the American people, in the legal, spiritual, economic and political arenas, has become institutionalized through government policy and reinforced by the MIM(i)C, which presents us with gossip, distractions and diversions in order to keep the American people divided, distracted and self-absorbed enough so they won't join together in a massive movement to fight against the further collapse of the republican nation-state.

This chronic impoverishment of the American people has led to the emergence of several dangerous character traits, which range from "learned helplessness" and political, economic and legal ignorance to emotionalized "thinking", along with the national addiction to narcissism and the equally deadly "role-playing game" of "virtuous victimization"; all of these character traits have created a dangerously high level of passivity, stupidity and apathy which seems to be prevalent among a vast majority of the American people, and although there may be a few of citizens out in the boondocks, and in potent political circles, who are fed up with the direction that the Obama Administration is heading, so far, the two sides have not yet joined forces to fight as a unified force, and this is what the MIM(i)C fears most, which is why everything will be unleashed in an effort to make sure that any viable coalition of patriots won't see the light of day.

Also, due to this chronic impoverishment, government policies which the American people wouldn't have tolerated during previous generations -- such as the incorporation of fascism in every aspect of national life, from the soon-to-be-established government policy of denial of health care to the sick, elderly and disabled to the institutionalizing of the ever-intrusive police-state, along with the destruction of the last fringes of the social safety net, while allowing the brutal murders of those caring doctors, such as Dr. George Tiller, who are willing to provide abortions for those women and girls who really need them, to perversely "inspire" other Right Wingers to do the same -- are not only being tolerated, but are also being vigorously applauded and approved by the very people whom these pro-death government policies will kill. How ironic that Americans, who once believed in "equal rights for all" have embraced the fascist "war of each against all" when it comes to dealing with the social safety net, especially in regards to health care.

So, perhaps one could say that after all these years of impoverishment, "virtuous victimization", apathy, passivity, narcissism, emotionalized "thinking" and stupidity, the American conscience has become seared to the point where it feels nothing; certainly not a twinge of compassion and empathy for those human beings who also dwell on this planet with us, and little, if any, concern for those who will come after us. The American conscience has been turned inward, fretting over the frivolous and getting tense over the trivial; oblivious to the grim reality that the nation and the world are dying right before their blinded eyes.

We've become so numbed to the massive collapse of the nation, that we seem to be totally unaware the nation is undergoing a slow, painful, agonizing death, and the Obama Administration, along with the RepubliCrats which occupy both Houses of Congress, are standing vigil beside America's death bed, eagerly waiting for the moment when the nation finally dies, and then ... they will execute their program of mercilessly imposing austerity upon the American people -- which will be enthusiastically praised and promoted by the MIM(i)C, of course -- along with raising taxes, cutting services and dismantling the last wispy vestiges of the already tattered and scorched social safety net at a time when our citizens need it more than ever. The "change" which so many craved will come, but it won't be the "change" which they expected.

What those politicians, corporate executives and government bureaucrats who've pledged their life-long allegiance to the oligarchy -- and to the evil for which it stands -- are eagerly anticipating is this ... to preside over the completion of the destruction of the United States as a necessary prelude for destroying the nation-state system as a rival to imperial rule, and to make sure the nation-state system of government will never be revived as a method to challenge imperial rule. The United States, which was once committed under FDR to ending the colonial system, is instead being reabsorbed into the Anglo-Dutch Liberal empire, under the guise of "saving our economy", and the American people appear to be very willing (if not eager) participants in the death of the nation, through "virtuous victimization", apathy, emotionalized "thinking", passivity, narcissism and stupidity, all happily dished out by the MIM(i)C to insure that the American conscience remains comfortably numb to reality until it's too late to change course and avoid the deadly path to Hell on Earth which we're careening toward at an even faster pace.


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